When you want a hot bod but you also love food

My number one dilemma in life is this – What do I want most…a bangn’ beach babe bod or to devour all the delicious foods?

I love food! All the foods! Sometimes I really wish I didn’t love food. Any of the foods! Because well, what I would reeeeeally love is cheese-grater abs and the type of defined legs that don’t wobble when I walk.

Raw balls or buff biceps? Burrito bowls or a bountiful booty? Hot chips or hot rig?

Life’s tough decisions.

Going out for brunch and trying new cafes around Perth is probably one of my favourite past times. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a piled-high avocado bruschetta or a decadent warm chocolate brownie?! My camera roll is a smorgasbord of screenshots of food to try and places to eat. Yet, there are just as many snaps of bikini babes and #fitspo motivation.

It’s like my brain is constantly fighting between ‘treat yo self’ and ‘eat for sustenance.’ I want to be able to eat all the yums, but I want a ripped rig just as much!  You see the struggle?

Taking your tastebuds to pleasure town is all well and good (in moderation), until the kilos start creeping on and your jeans don’t zip up anymore. And if that still doesn’t drive the point home there’s always that moment when you stand in the Myer fitting rooms and see your cellulite from every possible unflattering angle. Every last, wobbly inch of it!

For me, it was the Target change rooms (those bloody mirrors don’t lie) and the realisation that my bali holiday was no longer months away, but just a matter of weeks. Maybe those sneaky kgs were easily hidden in the cold winter months under layers of clothes, but now the sun is (occasionally) making an appearance again, shit’s gettn’ real yo. And did I mention I go to Bali in less than 2 weeks?!

If like me, you struggle to say no to temptation as much as you should or you are also stressing that bikini season is fast approaching, well it’s time to get your shit together! Food should be fuel for your bodies not just for sensory satisfaction. Before reaching for that treat, ask yourself, is this going to nourish my body and fuel me throughout the day? Is it going to help me achieve my desired body? Are my goals really worth sacrificing for that piece of cake? Will I regret it later? Is a fleeting moment of tastebud satisfaction more important than feeling happy, confident and sexy every single day?

Look, I get that it easy to say ‘no’ in theory (especially for me right now, as I sit here writing, love handles and stomach rolls buldging as a reminder of all the calories consumed the past few months). It’s easy to say, ‘I’m not giving in to temptation anymore!’ but when you come face-to-face with a cabinet of raw treats will you still have that focus? Or will the internal monologue start all over again as you debate with yourself whether to eat the cake or not.

I’ll tell you what works for me in these moments, other than knowing I’ll be in sunny Bali exposing all my limbs in under two weeks. It’s this.. DON’T GIVE UP WHAT YOU WANT MOST FOR WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

And so from here forward I’m going to go all Charles Boyle (hello Brooklyn Nine-nine fans) and only eat for sustenance now! Or at least try.

Love Elo xx


7 Little Things That Keep Me Motivated


Let’s be frank, it’s not always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns when it comes to staying on track with a health and fitness journey. Remaining 100% dedicated isn’t easy. Life is always throwing us curveballs (like a crippling back injury) and waving temptations in our face, usually in the form of a deliciously rich slice of indulgent chocolate cake or chocolate anything really (mmmm chocolate), so it’s important we remind ourselves why we want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Finding the drive to push through life’s little challenges and temptations requires will power and of course a truck-load of motivation. Sure, being fit, healthy and sexy is always great motivation but sometimes when there’s a bottle of wine staring us in the face saying ‘drink me, I’m delicious’ we can forget how much we want to look good naked because the allure of fermented grapes in a glass is just too strong.

When I find myself in these situations I give myself a big ass dose of ‘reality-check’ with a few motivational thoughts. Whether it is when making food choices or having to get my lazy ass off to the gym, I have a few secret weapons locked away that ALWAYS fill me with motivation and remind me why I should make healthy choices. They without a doubt, always get my head back in order and thinking the right way.


Here’s some of the little thoughts and quotes that keep me motivated:

– Feeling comfortable to wear anything! Knowing that I can go into my wardrobe, pick anything out and rock it with confidence. Rather than having to wear my ‘fat day’ clothes. (Don’t laugh! I know you have fat day clothes too)

– Imagining running into an ex or a frenemy and not freaking out that I looked terrible, but leaving feeling like they really noticed how fit and happy I’m looking.

– ‘Never give up what you want most for what you want now’ – remembering what is more important to me. Short term satisfaction (eg an unhealthy treat/extra time in bed) or getting a step closer to my goals.

– That amazing feeling you have after a great workout! ‘The only workout you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t do.’

– Being able to say ‘yes, I’d love to’ when someone asks me to come to the beach, rather than having an anxiety attack over the idea of having to put a bikini on and show my self to the world.

– Feeling happy with what I see in the mirror. Rather than wanting to burst into tears every time I get a glimpse of my reflection.

– Looking good naked. Because maybe someone other than me will get to see me in my birthday suit one day :p

Next time you are feeling like giving up or giving in, refer back to this list. Depending on your goals, these may not all work for you, but hey, at least give it a crack.

I’d love to know what you guys use to motivate you. Feel free to leave a comment.

Love Elo xx

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