A Letter To My Valentine

Because important words should never be left unsaid (and I’m too scared to say them in person yet)


I could never have imagined things would turn out this way. From what was (to me) just a coffee to catch up with a like-minded person and a chance for good conversation. Possibly an opportunity to make a new friend. Someone I could talk to about cool stuff, real and raw – not just the usual small talk. Just a coffee, not a date. Turned into 3 hours of chats over one long Mac, dinner the next day, a first kiss on the beach under the stars and me drawing love hearts in the sand. (My subconscious knew where it was at).

I never expected any of this.

You have made me feel things I never thought were possible for me to feel again. Things I haven’t experienced in over 5 years. Those butterflies in my stomach, can’t stop smiling, goosebumps on my skin and tingles down my spine, type feelings. I had started to believe I was a heartless bitch incapable of emotions. “What if I told you, I don’t catch the feels?” had become my catch phrase and a standing joke between my friends. But then I met you and I realised that it’s not that I am incapable of feeling, it’s that I hadn’t met someone worthy. It turns out “you just haven’t met the right person yet” isn’t just something loved-up people in relationships say to make you feel less single and alone. It is true.

Ew. I have become a walking cliche. Vomit!

But seriously… you are my “when you know, you know” moment. And I know. I know that what we have, what I feel when I am with you, how much I miss you when we are apart, is not just a typical thing. You make me the happiest I have been in a very long time. You make me smile. You make me belly laugh. You make me feel cared for and appreciated. Heck, I am even willing to give up my ‘me-time’ to spend time with you. Sometimes I even let you come to the beach with me. And that is a big effing deal.

I believe things happen for a reason. People come into our lives at the perfect moment – exactly when we are ready for it. I’ve always trusted in the universe with that. You came in to my life once I had learnt to love and accept myself fully. Once I was content in who I am and comfortable in my own skin. That’s how I know this is real. I was already so happy before I met you, you have just made me happier. Even more in love with life.

You are so thoughtful and selfless. When I am in your arms I feel so safe and loved. I have never been more comfortable around anyone than I am with you and I have to say, I am pretty appreciative that you even like me considering how dorky, easily-distracted,  and awkward I am. Kudos to you for putting up with me and my excitable puppy moments.

You aren’t just the first person I think of in the morning and the last person I think of at night, you are also someone that inspires me. I admire how committed you are to growing as a person and chasing your goals. I love that you refuse to settle for a life of mediocracy. I love that a life filled with happiness is more important to you than money or things. You appreciate that life is too short to be anything less than happy. These are traits I find so admirable and hope to emulate in my life also.

It is hard for me to bring my guard down. I’ve been hurt too many times before. But with you I am an open book. I’m ready to let my walls come crashing down to let you in even more. I feel vulnerable writing this and I a little bit gross. Maybe we can just roll with “cute” rather than mushy, but you knew you signed up for this sentimental shit when we first met.

I think I have found the healthy relationship I have been waiting for. I know this is just the beginning of something amazing. You are my favourite.

And to think, the happiest 4 months of my life started with a creepy Instagram stalk and an email. Weirdo :p

Love Elo x


Love Is In The Air

Share Some Love this Valentine’s DayIMG_4326

The shops are overflowing with red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and plush ‘I love you’ teddy bears. Yep, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Regardless of whether you celebrate the day or not, there really is no harm in spreading a little bit of love around. In a relationship or riding solo, it doesn’t matter. February 14th doesn’t have to be all about romantic dates, expensive roses, lavish gifts and too much chocolate. The day is about love. Love of all kinds – platonic, romantic and even self love.

If you are a little lost for gift ideas for your special someone you can always take inspiration from this list of valentine’s gifts for fit chicks or whip up these simple, yet delicious refined-sugar free chocolates for your loved one. (You’ll get extra brownie points for the home-made factor). Of course, nothing really beats receiving some heartfelt words written in a beautiful card or letter.

For all the singles out there, why not do something to spoil yourself this valentines day? Schedule in some me-time, book yourself in for a massage and a manicure or fill up a bubble bath, light some candles and relax with a good book. Pure bliss!

Or you could do what I did and #lockinthelove. What’s that I hear you ask? Lock In The Love is a fantastic campaign currently being run by The National Heart Foundation. There are #lockinthelove installations set up in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, where you can come to dedicate a heartfelt message in memory of a loved one, to celebrate an anniversary or just to show you care.

For just a $10 donation you will receive a red padlock and heart-shaped fob in which you can write your message of love and lock it on. With heart disease remaining the number one killer of Australian men and women, this campaign is not only a beautiful way to share some love this Valentine’s Day, but it is also a very worthy cause.


#lockinthelove installation in the Murray Street Mall, Perth

You may have already come across the #lockinthelove installation in your local city. In Perth you can find the bright L.O.V.E letters in the Murray Street Mall in the city. Launched on January 22nd and running until February 16th, there is still time to head on down, buy a lock and dedicate a special message to your valentine, loved one or secret crush. While you are there, why not see if you can find the One Active Life lock.

Maya Cherian, Donor and Community Relations Coordinator for the Heart Foundation’s WA office, says the Lock In The Love campaign has been a huge success so far. She has seen some truly heartwarming and also some very emotional messages locked on to the Perth installation. Behind every lock is a story. “I love chatting to people and hearing their stories”, said Cherian.

Not a #lockinthelove installation in your local city? That’s ok. You can still support this great cause by purchasing a lock and a heart online.

For more information, dates and locations check out The National Heart Foundation website.


One Active Life #lockinthelove

And For Some Other Ways To Share Some Love This Valentine’s Day…

  • Send an appreciative text message to a friend, family member or loved one
  • Shout a co-worker a coffee
  • Donate to your favourite charity
  • Compliment a Stranger
  • Cook dinner for your household
  • Send an anonymous love note
  • Buy a homeless person some lunch
  • Hand out roses to people passing by
  • Let your partner have the night off from housework

Share the love this Valentine’s day!

Love Elo xx