Plastic-Free Is The New Black

From the moment we step out for our morning coffee to when we brush our teeth at night, we are surrounded by SO. MUCH. PLASTIC. We use it, discard it and don’t really think that much about it. Plastic Shmastic, right? But what if I told you, that almost every SINGLE piece of plastic made still exists today in some shape or form! No piece of plastic will ever completely break down. While some types can be recycled and repurposed, a lot of plastic waste ends up in landfill or washes into our oceans, polluting our environment and killing harmless animals. And don’t get me started on microplastics (Google it later – its pretty shocking!)

Despite all the doom and gloom, the good news is that WE can make a difference. Each of us, as individuals have the opportunity to make a difference moving forward. And it really isn’t hard. It is as easy as making more conscious choices in our daily lives, refusing single-use plastic and choosing reusable options when possible. Below are some simple suggestions to help you in your quest to save the planet.

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Waste and Do Your Bit to Protect Our Planet


1. Invest In A Re-usable Coffee Cup. Hands up if you always thought those paper cups you drink your liquid gold from each morning were recyclable? *Raises hand*. Due to having a polyethalene (plastic) lining, they cannot be recycled. In fact, every minute 1 million takeaway cups end up in landfill. So just imagine the difference we could make if we all switched to a reusable cup. It is such a simple change – one that benefits the earth and your wallet (with many cafes rewarding you with a little discount if you BYO cup). Plus they look great… just like my pretty pink pastel Think Cup.

2. Ditch Single-Use Plastic Bags. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know there is a huge push to #BanTheBag throughout Australian supermarkets at the moment. As of July 1st the single-use plastic-bad ban will come into effect in WA, which means you won’t even have the choice of grabbing one anyway (Yay Coles and Woolworths you heroes you!). So start getting into the practice now by bringing your own canvas bags with you when you go shopping. Chuck them in your car so you always have some on hand when you duck into the shops. 

3. Try Un-paper Towels. Un-paper, what now? Yeah, this is a new concept to me too but one I am totally jumping on. While paper towels (being paper and all) are generally recyclable, thats not always their fate. Because they are often contaminated with food waste they cannot be recycled. Sometimes they are even made out of recycled paper to begin with so they are unable to be put through that process again. So washable and reusable unpaper towels are the perfect solution. Check out these cute AF ones from Bugsey Bee.IMG_9031

4. Get A Reusable Water Bottle. This one really seems like a no brainer. I mean, how much easier (and cheaper) is it to refill a water bottle than buy multiple a week?! Not to mention, with your own reusable and refillable water bottle, you will avoid any nasty chemicals that leach into your water from those pesky plastic bottles. And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, how about this for a statistic – It takes around 450 years for just ONE plastic bottle to break down. I rest my case.

5. Say NO to Plastic Straws. Do you really need that straw in your juice, cocktail or smoothie? If the answer is no, you go Glen Coco. If the answer is yes, because you just really love sipping your drink through a straw, well I have a plastic free solution for you. Get yourself a reusable metal, bamboo or glass straw and just take it with you next time you head out for a bevy. 

6. Keep Your Fresh Produce Naked. Free your fruit and veg from those plastic bags. Mushrooms have always been ahead of the game, with their brown paper bags. We should all be more like mushrooms. I personally don’t see the harm in having my apples roaming free in my trolley, but if thats not your jam, you can buy reusable plastic-free fresh produce bags. Either that or you can just steal all the mushroom bags! Better yet, grab a box, support small and hit up your local farmers markets for your fruit and veg instead. IMG_9130.jpg

7. BYO When You Takeaway. Grabbing some lunch on the go? Going to a restaurant for some takeaway food? Avoid those plastic takeaway containers by BYO-ing a tupperware container or glass jar. The only downfall is you are responsible for the washing up.

8. Reusable Bamboo Facial Wipes. Washable, reusable, bamboo facial wipes are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable face wipes. Not only are they super soft and feel luxurious, they don’t contain chemicals or clog up our water pipes (seriously, STOP flushing them down the toilet – at the least!). I recently swapped my usual cotton pads and makeup removal wipes for these super soft bamboo facial wipes and I am in love! 

9. Start Buying From Bulk Food Stores. It’s shocking really, just how many pantry staples are packaged in plastic. And its amazing how much you notice it more when you start the transition to a plastic-free life. Where possible, start buying your nuts, spices, flours and other weigh-and-pay items from bulk food stores. Pack your canvas shopping bag with glass jars or containers and fill them up. BONUS: your pantry will look super cute once its all organised in glass jars! 


10. Pick it Up. Plastic pollution is a serious problem impacting our oceans and killing innocent wildlife. Unless we act now, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight), according to That’s some scary statistics. So if you see something, PICK IT UP! That simple act of picking up someone else’s careless rubbish, can make a huge difference to the amount of litter that ends up polluting our oceans.

Becoming more eco-conscious isn’t about avoiding plastic completely. That would be near impossible. It’s simply about making more informed decisions and choosing waste-free options when possible. Being part of the solution really is that easy – refusing single-use plastics, opting for reusable over disposable and be prepared. As humans co-existing on this planet, we have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations and every small step, IS progression towards big change.

For more information on the impact of plastic pollution and ways to support the zero-waste movement I recommend watching Plastic Ocean on Netflix and War on WasteAlso, I highly recommend checking out Take3forTheSea.

Love Eloise x


Being Vegan In Bali

Eating is quite possibly one of the best parts about travelling. Can I hear an Amen? But heading on an overseas trip with specific eating requirements can really mix things up. As a vegan, the life choice that probably has the most dietary limitations of them all, excitement can turn to anxiety. Will there be anything to eat or will it be a diet of water and air the entire holiday?

Well if you are heading to Bali and you don’t venture far from beautiful Canggu, you won’t find it a challenge at all! After spending a month in Bali in January and having just returned from another 10-day holiday in Canggu, I learnt that 1) being vegan in Bali is easy, 2) being vegan in bali is delicious and 3) being vegan in Bali is cheap. All three of which cannot be said for Perth. I had some of the tastiest and most flavoursome vegan eating experiences of my life over there.

So with all the time spent over there, along with my love of food, I’ve managed to suss out some of the best vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants in Bali. Here are my top picks.


Highlight: The crispiest, crunchiest, most delicious sweet potato fries ever!

Peloton would have to be the best vegan restaurant in Canggu. Scrap that, the best restaurant in Canggu! Seriously, the food here is amazing! And you can totally trust me on this because I have pretty much tried everything on the menu. Like, I’m pretty sure we were basically on nickname basis with the staff by the end of our trip. Serving 100% vegan meals including salad bowls, tacos, lasagne, smoothies, brownies and more, Peloton can easily woo even the biggest carnivore and probably even convert them to #veganlife too. Everything we tried here (yes we visited that many times) from the ‘tricken’ parmy and Veggie burger to the pancakes and bruschetta toast, burst with flavour! The meals are hearty, filling and served to you with a smile. If you’re feeling like something sweet the iced choc whip, nuts n bolts smoothie and the raw snickers bar come highly recommended. Honestly, this place should be number 1 on your ‘to eat’ list. Just thank me later.


Highlight: The Thai Green Curry.

If it’s authentic Asian food you feel like; the kind made with the freshest produce, aromatic herbs and fragrant spices, then this is the place for you. This gorgeous all vegetarian and vegan restaurant, which can be easily missed from the road so keep your eyes peeled for the sign, has that cute, cozy, homely feel. Once you’ve placed your order and the waiter has trotted away to the semi-open kitchen, your senses will be immediately filled with the divine smells of fresh herbs and spices being chopped and ground in to curry pastes and sauces. Ain’t nothing but made from scratch here!  The food tastes as good as it smells and I can honestly say the Thai green curry is the best I’ve ever tasted. Better than anything I have eaten in Thailand, bursting which rich Asian flavours and yep my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


Highlight: Top notch iced Latte’s that arrive overflowing like an erupting volcano

Life is crate at Crate café. Before you even notice the menu of mouth-watering healthy delights written on the concrete walls (no paper menus here), you’ll be welcomed with funky tunes, chilled surfy vibes and friendly greetings from the always-smiling staff. With names like ‘hipster’ and ‘bowlarama’, Crate serves up (in my opinion) the best smoothie bowls in Canggu. It’s not all about smoothie bowls though, there are plenty of savoury breakfast and lunch options on offer and the coffee here is top knotch. It can be a little loud and sometimes crowded in this uber-popular hipster café, but the chattering of happy travellers and surfy locals just adds to the buzzing atmosphere. Plus, any Aussies having Vegemite withdrawals need not fear – Crate offers a dish called Veto, which is a homely combination of Vegemite and avo on toast.


Highlight: The smoothies are 👌

Located on a quiet street overlooking lush green rice paddies, this recently opened cafe has the most relaxing vibes. With daybeds to lounge on, peacock chairs to perch your peachy, green tropical gardens and tables shaded by bamboo umbrellas, dining here almost feels like you’re on a holiday from your holiday. There are heaps of vegan options on the menu for breakfast and lunch, delicious smoothies and a cabinet full of raw cakes. Like anywhere you go in Canggu, you can order anything to takeaway, which could come in handy because The Shady Shack can get super busy.


Highlight: Owned by Italians, it’s the real deal for authentic Italian food!

So you feel like a good carb-load? A big bowl of al dente pasta or a soft doughy pizza? Just a good old Italian feast. But your vegan… well, s**t! That was my first thought when we rocked up here for dinner one night when I was already feeling very hangry. Just as I thought I was going to have to settle for a few pieces of bread or a boring salad, my eyes lit up and the heavens opened after reading two magic words – ‘Vegan Margaretta’ on the menu! And my golly, it was the best damn pizza I have ever eaten. Ever! (And I’ve been to Italy). Most of the vegetarian pizzas can be made vegan just by asking for vegan mozzarella. I recommend coming here for dinner, when the lights are dim, candles are burning and it feels oh so romantic.


Highlight: Healthy, fresh, nutritious meals for veggos, vegans and paleoistas (I just made that up).

Any place that features an all day breakfast menu gets a solid tick of approval. Plus, it’s name can only mean good things, because seriously, who doesn’t love avocado? It’s the little touches that give this humble health-hub its charm. Recycled vodka bottles created into drinking glasses and candleholders, comfy cushions on the boho-chic chairs, glass straws and fresh flowers on every table. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, avocado’s extensive menu features vegetarian and vegan-friendly options plus plenty of choices for the paleo dieters. From protein shakes, smoothie bowls and fresh juices to lentil burgers, salads, curries and sugarless desserts, there is something for everyone, especially the health-conscious!


Highlight: Healthy smoothies galore with gram-worthy presentation for the ultimate #foodporn #smoothiebowl snap.

Serving up an abundance of fruity smoothie creations completed with your choice of toppings in cute coconut bowls, these smoothie bowls are almost too pretty to eat. Now with two locations in Canggu, Nalu bowls is the perfect place to visit for a refreshing treat to cool you down in the Balinese heat. Design your own bowl from a choice of 6 different smoothie options, including the popular Acai bowl, and select as many or as few of the 15 topping options you desire. You can also find Nalu Bowls smoothie bowl shacks in Seminyak and Uluwatu.

Not staying in canggu? Here are some other restaurants in surrounding areas that also impressed me with their delicious vegan options.

  • The Spicy Coconut (Canggu)
  • Eden Cafe (Canggu)
  • Cafe Organic (Seminyak)
  • Zuchinni (Seminyak)
  • Earth Cafe & Market (Seminyak and Ubud)
  • Clear Cafe (Ubud)
  • Kafe (Seminyak)

In all honesty, being vegan in Bali was not a problem at all. Most places offer a huge range of vegetarian dishes as it is and it seems Bali is one step ahead when it comes to catering for Vegan travellers. It’s actually probably harder to be a vegan in Perth than it is in Canggu. Just another reason why I belong there.

Love Elo xx