Preparation Is Key

Repeat after me…

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Now say it 5 times. As fast as you can. Well that bit wasn’t entirely necessary. However, do let those words sink in.

Preparation really is the key to success. Being organised on your health and fitness journey can make all the difference between succeeding and falling short of your goals. When you plan ahead it becomes very difficult to make excuses. Like the saying goes… 

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’

Below are some of the ways I plan ahead to help me stay on track with my health and fitness journey. You can eliminate all your “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time” excuses with these helpful fit tips.

1. Schedule Your Workouts


Before the commencement of each new week take the time to open up your diary and plan your exercise for the seven days ahead. Don’t just think about it, but actually write in your workouts. Treat them like they are appointments. You wouldn’t cancel an important meeting with your boss, so don’t cancel on yourself either.

2. Pack Your Lunch The Night Before


Diet is an essential part of your health and fitness journey. What you put into your body makes such a massive difference to the results you achieve. Even when you are busting your butt in the gym, if you are eating poorly you aren’t going to get the results you want. You have to get strict with what you are eating. That means, less take-out, packaged snacks and pre-made lunches and more homemade meals and fruit or nuts as snacks.

Rather than reaching for the convenient (and usually unhealthy) options when you are on-the-go or rushed for time on your lunch breaks, prepare your meals the night before. Sometimes I like to make a double serving of dinner at night so that I can pack it for my lunch the next day. Not only do I not have to worry about wasting time in the kitchen before work in the morning, but I save money by not buying my lunch too. Of course the biggest bonus is knowing exactly what ingredients are going into my body.

3. Lay Out Your Gym Clothes At Night


Being super dedicated and committing to the morning workout? Good on you! Tempted to press snooze when your alarm goes off at 5am? Yep, me too. Sometimes even the mere thought of getting out of bed, deciding what leggings to wear and then actually wiggling my way into them can be enough to make me want to roll over and fall back into dreamland (especially when it is still dark outside).

It’s never easy waking up early to exercise, and if simply knowing how absolutely amazing you will feel with your post workout endorphin boost isn’t enough to get you bouncing out of bed, this little tip might help. Pack your gym bag and prepare your clothes the night before. Seeing your clothes laid out on the floor when you open your dreary eyes in the morning is a reminder to get up and get moving. It’ll save you time from rummaging through your drawers looking for your gear, gives your sleepy brain a rest for a while and is instant motivation.

4. Take Your Gym Clothes To Work

pack_gym_bag_640What about those of you who exercise after work? Well, there is a solution for you too. Don’t go home in between work and working out. Take your gym clothes with you in the morning, change into them after your shift and head straight to the gym from there.

What I do every day is pack my gym bag and put it in my car before I head off to work. Even though my car stays at home while I catch the bus to work, rather than going inside to change clothes, I just jump straight in the car, go to the gym and get changed there. This way I avoid the temptation of ditching the gym for my bed or the couch waiting for me inside.

5. Plan Your Meals and Write Shopping ListsMeal-Planner

Another great idea to save time, money and reduce the likelihood of you grabbing unhealthy food on-the-go, is to write out a meal plan at the beginning of the week. Think about what groceries you need and write a shopping list before hitting the supermarket so you buy only the items you need. God knows how tempting that damn confectionary aisle can be, but if its not on the list don’t put it in the trolley!

6. Pre-prepare and Freeze Your Smoothie Ingredients


Don’t you hate it when you open a big bag of spinach and then within days its gone slimy. Or when bananas end up bruised and squishy so quickly? Well this preparation tip will not only save you time, but also avoid food waste. Pre-preparing smoothie combinations in zip lock bags is one of my favourite ideas and has saved me from going without breakfast hundreds of times over.

I like to do one big prep sesh of cutting up fruit, putting them in separately portioned bags with some leafy greens and freezing them. As soon as any fruit starts to go bad I do the same. When it comes to making my smoothies in the morning I save myself about 10-15 minutes of cutting and cleaning by having my smoothie portions already bagged up and ready in the freezer. All I have to do is chuck the contents in the blender with some water and BOOM! Breakfast smoothie done! And only the blender left to rinse out afterwards.

A little bit of preparation really can go a long way. From food prepping and meal planning to keeping a diary and getting organized with your schedule, preparation is key. Try out some of these tips for yourself and see if they help you stay on track.

Eliminate those excuses. Plan ahead. Be prepared and smash those goals!

Love Elo xx


How To Save Time And Money In The Kitchen

Always scrambling to get dinner done at the last minute?  Blowing the budget on groceries each week? These clever tips will have you sorted:

  1. Use pre-made shopping lists. Make up a printed shopping list of the things you always buy at each grocery shop. Print out multiple copies and stick them on your fridge. Have everyone in your household tick when items are getting low or have run out. By the time your next shop comes around your shopping list has been done for you.
  2. Write up meal plans for the week. Aim to use the most perishable items at the beginning of the week and the longer lasting ones toward the end. For example, use up lettuce and spinach at the beginning of the week and broccoli and the end.
  3. Aim to buy in bulk. Meats can be frozen and, if you do you meals plans well, veggies wont go off. Buying in bulk will save you time because your not having to head to the shops to restock so often.Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market
  4. Prep your foods. Pre-cut broccoli and cauliflower in florets and store in tupperware ready to use. Cook a big batch of brown rice and dig in for the rest of the week.  Keep boiled eggs in the fridge for on-the-go snacks. You get the idea.
  5. Make lunch the night before.  This is a no-brainer because you will be saving so much money at the local lunch bar. The 10 minute your save yourself in the morning can mean a little extra morning meditation in bed.packed lunch
  6. Soup is your savour. Make up a big batch each week. Pack it full of vegies, anything you have spare will do. Add different herbs and spices each week so you don’t get bored. While you may not want to eat soup everyday, you will be grateful that it’s there when you just can’t be bothered cooking but don’t want to miss out on your healthy hit of vitamins. If you don’t have time to eat it all before it goes off, freeze it in batched for later.asp soup
  7. Cut the Crap. Say no to pre-packaged stuff masquerading at food. The perception that fresh food is an expensive option is wrong. A perfect example is your afternoon snack. A chocolate bar will cost about $2.50, will leave you unsatisfied and hitting a sugar slump in half an hour. A banana however, will cost about 50c is a far better energy option to keep you going through your 3.30-itis.
  8. Cook up big and save the leftovers. Left over roast meat is great in wraps, salads and omelettes. Left over roast vegies can be pureed up and added to other sauces and dishes later for an added vitamin boost. A bit of  leftover roast pumpkin, pureed up and added to a spag-bol is a tasty way to hide extra veggies from the kids too. veg on wood
  9. Buy in season. Your food will be way fresher and cheaper. Not to mention the quality will be better is you purchase in season produce.

Love Jess x

 Got any of your own tricks?

Share them with us below.

Plan it. Write it. Do It!


Eloise getting her list on.

Eloise getting her list on.


How good are lists? Writing lists, reading lists, checking things off lists!

I LOVE lists! I l just love, love, love them!!! (Good Luck Chuck reference there, for those who didn’t catch it. For those that did, kudos to you!)

But seriously, writing lists is great. For me, writing a list helps me to remember things, de-clutters my mind of all the scattered thoughts causing havoc in my head and quite frankly, helps me to feel more in control.

When I write lists of things I need (or want) to do, I actually get more stuff done because I am far more productive and efficient with my time.

I also really enjoy the actual, physical pen-to-paper act of writing things down… yeah I am weird!

Anywayyyyy…. back to why lists are so fantastic.

One of my favourite things to write down is my exercise plan for the week ahead. I usually write it in my diary so I can work it around my shifts, but sometimes I will also write it in list form on random scrap pieces of paper. ie: when I am standing at the counter at work and there are no customers. Come to think of it, most of my list writing takes place here.

There is just something about writing my workouts down in my diary that gives me that little bit more motivation to get them done! Once something is written in my diary, it’s like gospel! They become appointments I have made with myself that I cannot, under any circumstances, cancel. Although, theoretically if I were to use a pencil, these appointments could be erased… so that’s why I use a pen!

In all honesty though, try it! Whether its a run, walk, going to the gym or attending a fitness class, plan out your exercises. Write it down somewhere and refer back to it each evening to remind yourself what you have planned for the next day’s workout.


Today is Sunday, tomorrow is Monday (thank-you captain obvious), so today (being Sunday) would be a great time to plan and write out your workouts for the week ahead!

Plan it, Write it, Do it!

You’ll be amazed how much more inclined you will be to follow through with your intended exercise.

Elo xx

P.S: Use a pen.

Share your thoughts in the reply section below. I also welcome any thoughts from fellow list-loving individuals who simply appreciate the brilliance of a good list!