You Know You are Getting Old When… Pt 2

We went out on Saturday night. And by out I mean, we were still tucked in bed cuddling our pooches by 11pm. It wasn’t even intentional. Wine was consumed, dance moves were busted and people-watching was in full swing. I learnt a lot that night. Not just about how terribly desperate some people are to find a companion to go home with at the end of the night or how 19-year-old girls are apparently immune to feeling the cold (I mean wearing a midriff exposed crop and stockings as ‘pants’ seems totally legit for a 10-degree night). But I also became increasingly aware of how old I really am.

So just like that, it’s time for part 2 of

You know you are getting old when…

  1. The only FOMO you get is the fear of missing out on quality couch time doing sweet eff all
  2. You have two drinks and still wake up with a hangover the next day
  3. And that’s even despite that fact, you’re in bed asleep every night at the time you used to go out
  4. 90’s RnB is your jam! But because you actually grew up listening to it, not because you’ve heard it played on Throwback Thursday
  5. You get embarrassingly excited by how ‘life-changing’ your new vacuum cleaner is. (Literally me after discovering I never have to dust by hand again!)
  6. Spending 100’s of dollars on new kitchen appliances?! Yeah what of it?! But spending $100 on a new outfit?! Oh hell no!
  7. The reason you look forward to Sunday’s has nothing to do with Sunday Sessions and everything to do with it being ‘The Block – Room Reveal’ night
  8. The most exciting part of your weekend is not having to change out of your pj’s all day if you don’t want to
  9. You see your chiropractor more often than you see your friends
  10. All your money goes on groceries and bills – not outings and booze
  11. Going out for dinner on a Tuesday equates to ‘going out on a school night’
  12. You have no shame in leaving the house with no makeup, your hair unwashed and trackies on
  13. You dress for practicality and warmth, not farshun!
  14. Hangovers last for days now
  15. 2005 stills feels like a couple of years ago
  16. But then your realise the current population of 18-year-olds were born in the year 2000 (WTF?!)
  17. You get excited by a few days of sunshine in a row, because it means you can finally get all your washing done
  18. You’ve started attending baby showers and kids birthday parties *shudder*

I may only be 28 but being surround by 20 year old teeny boppers has a way of ageing you another 15 years. Have you ever had a time where it became blatantly obvious how ‘old’ you really are? Leave me a comment below.

Love Elo x

P.S. It was fun to observe at least though