Master Your Mind

Do you ever find yourself battling through a workout thinking ‘I just can’t do it’?

Sometimes making it to the end of that run or group fitness class can seem impossible. You feel like there is no way you can go on. Your legs are too tired, your arms are fatigued, you’re out of breath and you have no energy left in the tank. That voice in your head speaking negatively is telling you that you can’t go on… and you believe it.

It’s time to stop listening to that negativity. That voice is a liar. No more “I can’t” because, guess what, you CAN! Your body can stand almost anything, it is your mind you have to convince.


Fitness really is a mental journey. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it. The mind is a very powerful thing and once you learn to master it, you will be surprised by the things you can accomplish. With a strong mental focus and sheer determination you really can break through the barriers holding you back. What the mind believes, the body will achieve.

Earlier this year I completed the HBF Run For A Reason and if there was ever a time I needed to master mind over matter, it was then. For someone who has never managed to run more than 3km without stopping before, I some how managed to complete the 12km run without a single break. There’s no denying that I wanted to stop many times, but with continuous words of encouragement, positive self talk and pure determination, I found the strength to push through the physical pain and mental roadblocks. I mind over mattered the shiz out of it!

That experience certainly taught me a lot about mental focus and the power of the mind, which I have since been able to implement in the gym. I learned that by switching off to that little voice of self-doubt and focusing in on the task at hand, I have the power to succeed. I learned that even in a state of physical pain and exhaustion, it is possible to keep going.

So, when those last few reps seem near impossible or when muscle fatigue is at an all time high, shift your train of thought. Eliminate the words ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘I can’. With every rep, repeat it to yourself. Heck, shout it out loud! Believe that you CAN do it! Choose the language you use when speaking to yourself wisely. Stop with the self hate, the negative words and self-doubt. Start using the words ‘fit’, ‘healthy’, ‘strong’ and ‘I can’ – because if you believe it, you can achieve it!

Love Eloise xx


How To Reach For A Dream When It Seems Like No One Believes In You.


Ever experienced a moment of pure inspiration? Felt a new dream or vision spur you down a fresh path? The excitement is intoxicating. The magic of the moment filling you with such a bombardment of  creative thoughts that you can’t write them down fast enough?

When the epiphany hits, it’s impossible to keep it to your self. You naturally head straight for your loved ones to relay your brilliant plans and visions for the future. You may even try to tone it down a little, “Oh, you know, it’s just an idea. Something I’d like to do”, but inside your hoping they will stand up and scream, “this shit is BRILLIANT!”.

Except they don’t.

They just kind of look at you, with that polite awkward smile that says it all. “That sounds like an interesting idea” they respond. The conversation quickly moves on to something completely unrelated and your left feeling more deflated than a week old helium balloon. Ugh. Thanks for the enthusiasm.

Here is where you face a choice.

Do you absorb their negativity and let it influence your next move? Or do you shrug it off and use their, shall we say, ‘lack of support’ as motivation to make something truly fantastic of your dreams?

Eloise and I were surprised by some of the reactions we got when we told people of our plans for One Active Life. It was disappointing to find out where the support did not actually lie. But we haven’t let that stop us.

Only 5 months in and our humble blog is already bearing some very delicious fruit. We have has some AMAZING things happen in the past month that have proven to us we are heading the right direction. It absolutely shows that the only belief you need in your dreams is your own.

Here are our top tips for making your dream a reality:

  • Write down your vision for the future so you can always refer back to it if you ever start to doubt yourself. 
  • Don’t let yourself be defined by what someone else thinks is achievable. Somebody else’s reaching distance should mean nothing to you if you know that you have longer arms.
  • Make it visual. Create a vision board to help you literally see the direction your are heading in.
  • Be specific  when outlining goals and plans.
  • Surround yourself with like minded, positive people.
  • Absorb as much knowledge and information as you can put it to good use.
  • Use setbacks as learning experiences. They are not a sign that your a failing, they are just part of the process.
  • Say YES! Be open to new people and experiences. Accept the opportunities they present to you, personal or professional.

and this is where the magic happens……….

  • Have absolute belief that you will succeed. Feel it with every fiber of your being. Even when you can’t see the way, know that the way will present itself. This is how your dreams become reality. This is how life changes.

Go forth and believe in yourself!

Love Jess x


Let us share your stories with our readers. If you have any stories of how you have succeeded despite a lack of support, we would love to know about them.

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7 Little Things That Keep Me Motivated


Let’s be frank, it’s not always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns when it comes to staying on track with a health and fitness journey. Remaining 100% dedicated isn’t easy. Life is always throwing us curveballs (like a crippling back injury) and waving temptations in our face, usually in the form of a deliciously rich slice of indulgent chocolate cake or chocolate anything really (mmmm chocolate), so it’s important we remind ourselves why we want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Finding the drive to push through life’s little challenges and temptations requires will power and of course a truck-load of motivation. Sure, being fit, healthy and sexy is always great motivation but sometimes when there’s a bottle of wine staring us in the face saying ‘drink me, I’m delicious’ we can forget how much we want to look good naked because the allure of fermented grapes in a glass is just too strong.

When I find myself in these situations I give myself a big ass dose of ‘reality-check’ with a few motivational thoughts. Whether it is when making food choices or having to get my lazy ass off to the gym, I have a few secret weapons locked away that ALWAYS fill me with motivation and remind me why I should make healthy choices. They without a doubt, always get my head back in order and thinking the right way.


Here’s some of the little thoughts and quotes that keep me motivated:

– Feeling comfortable to wear anything! Knowing that I can go into my wardrobe, pick anything out and rock it with confidence. Rather than having to wear my ‘fat day’ clothes. (Don’t laugh! I know you have fat day clothes too)

– Imagining running into an ex or a frenemy and not freaking out that I looked terrible, but leaving feeling like they really noticed how fit and happy I’m looking.

– ‘Never give up what you want most for what you want now’ – remembering what is more important to me. Short term satisfaction (eg an unhealthy treat/extra time in bed) or getting a step closer to my goals.

– That amazing feeling you have after a great workout! ‘The only workout you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t do.’

– Being able to say ‘yes, I’d love to’ when someone asks me to come to the beach, rather than having an anxiety attack over the idea of having to put a bikini on and show my self to the world.

– Feeling happy with what I see in the mirror. Rather than wanting to burst into tears every time I get a glimpse of my reflection.

– Looking good naked. Because maybe someone other than me will get to see me in my birthday suit one day :p

Next time you are feeling like giving up or giving in, refer back to this list. Depending on your goals, these may not all work for you, but hey, at least give it a crack.

I’d love to know what you guys use to motivate you. Feel free to leave a comment.

Love Elo xx