Jess’s New Year Goals


Well Eloise may not like the concept of ‘new year resolutions’ but I really don’t mind them. Mainly because if you make them vague enough you can achieve anything. But I suppose that would defeat the purpose.

Last year my only goal for the year was to ‘constantly impress myself’. By which I meant that I just wanted to get out of my comfort zone in general. And to be perfectly honest, it’s the only new year promise I have ever made that I have also kept. Or did I? Only I know the truth because key to last years resolution was in its lack of measurability and accountability.

This year is different. I’m publishing my measurable goals for the whole world to see. You dear readers, must keep me accountable. Here is my list of achievable and non-vague goals for 2014:

  • Make some goals for 2014 that a less vague than my one goal for 2013.
  • Get married. After being engaged for 3 1/2 years I should really get my ass into action and make it official.
  • Run 5k without stopping. Eloise pledged 10k. Good for her but I feel the need for baby steps.
  • Quit sugar….again (more on this in the coming weeks).
  • Make One Active Life a raging ,roaring success (feel free to help out with this).

The best thing about this list is that I have already achieved 20% of it. Go me!

Jess xx

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