About One Active Life

Launched on January 1st 2014, One Active Life is a health, wellness and lifestyle blog, promoting active living, positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. This is where the Active Body, Active Mind, Active World philosophy comes from.

One Active Life is a space in which Eloise can let her ever growing passion for active living spill out. Her vision of creating an online forum where she can bang on about positive thinking and healthy living without the fear of boring all of her friends and co-workers, comes alive with One Active Life.

With a journalism degree, nutrition studies and Certificate III in Fitness under her belt, alongside a genuine love and passion for writing, Eloise and One Active Life are here to inspire, motivate and educate people on living their best possible life with a positive outlook and positive action.

This blog is a way for Eloise to connect with like-minded people who also share the same love for active living.

About Eloise 

Eloise in a Nutshell

25. Qualified Journalist. Qualified gym instructor (certificate 3 in fitness). Vegan. Health and fitness junkie.

Loves – Working Out. Traveling. Writing. Reading. The beach. Sunsets. Summer. Having ‘me’ time. Conjuring up healthy inventions in the kitchen.

Eloise’s Active Story

My active story is a continuous journey of ups and downs, road blocks and bumpy terrain. It isn’t and never has been smooth sailing.

I guess I could say genetics were pretty kind to me growing up. I was always very petite without really trying. I wouldn’t say I was ever particularly unhealthy, but I could basically eat whatever I wanted, barely exercised and still remained slim. Over the course of my teenage years and early 20’s however, I have done a lot of irreversible metabolic damage to my body, which now makes weight maintenance an every day battle.

Growing up, I suffered with severe low-self esteem, body image issues and disordered eating. I would look in mirror in disgust, hurl abuse at myself, constantly call myself fat and refuse to eat. (Of course I look back now and realise how foolish I was to ever think I was ‘fat’ because I was actually TINY). I remember as early as year 6 I would come to school without lunch and would go the whole day without eating.

Even in my teenage years and early 20’s I saw starving myself or eating minimal amounts of food as the only way to remain thin. It was so unhealthy. I did start exercising a bit at around 20 when I noticed my metabolism wasn’t doing its thing so well any more but it wasn’t until late 2011 that I REALLY began to get active.

My turning point into a healthy lifestyle began after a long 3-month trip around Europe in 2011, in which I ate, drank and partied to my hearts content. When I returned almost 6kg heavier, round faced, unfit and pudgy, I was embarrassed and subsequently determined to get back into shape ASAP. I joined the gym, cut back on the unhealthy foods and committed myself to becoming fit. From then on, exercising became almost an addiction for me. I loved every moment of exercising and to this day, still do.

For me, living an active life isn’t just about moving my body every day. It is about establishing a harmonious relationship between the mind, the body and the spirit. That is what One Active Life is all about – nourishing all three of these facets because ultimately, health is a complete state of harmony between the mind, the body and the spirit.

Active Body. Active Mind. Active World.

Lets live this  ONE ACTIVE LIFE together!


12 thoughts on “About

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  2. You two are radiant! Such a treat to blog with your sisters, I wish my siblings were as enthused with living an active life as I am! Looking forward to reading more
    -Temi xx

  3. Hello! I just came across your blog, and I am so happy I did! Looking forward to reading about your lives and opinions! You both seem so positive and encouraging, and we can all use more people like you two in our lives! 🙂

    • Hi Emma! I officially start tomorrow. I am studying at west coast tafe in Joondalup. I was originally going to go to Australian institute of fitness but after talking to people in the industry, i was recommended Tafe as a better option 🙂 x

  4. Just came across your blog! Awesome posts and so great to see two sisters collaborating 🙂 I’m very blessed to work alongside my sister with a common passion- it makes for a lot of fun 😀 keep it up ladies!

  5. Loved reading this ! You girls are both so positive and inspiring 🙂 You guys remind me of my sister and I ! Love it 🙂

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