8 Truths 2017 Taught Me

2017 has been an amazing year. I’m pretty sure I said this at the close of 2016 too, but seriously this year really topped it. We bought a house by the beach, started renovating, expanded our family with our fur baby Bodhi, took time off to explore Broome, Bali and Margaret River and did it all while remaining sickly happy and in love (vomit). The new job has certainly brought its challenges and of course there have been the occassional shitty moments but from those, only came lessons. So here are some of the things I learnt in 2017.

1. Balance, balance, balance!

No, I’m not talking about walking on a tightrope or nailing the perfect headstand (I mean, you can do that too if you like). I’m talking about creating a balanced lifestyle. Work took over my life way too much this year and if that taught me anything, it was the importance of a positive work/life balance. Spending time at home with my loved ones and making time to do the things I enjoy is more important to me than a few extra dollars in the bank. Enjoying life and the experiences it offers, wins every time!

2.Make self-care a priority.

I was run down and sick way too often this past year. I was burning the candle at both ends. Working way too hard and neglecting my own health and self care. We are only human and can only do so much. We only have this one life and one body to live it in so it’s important to take care of it. Move your body regularly. Nourish your body by eating lots of fresh, healthy and gut-healing foods. Take care of your mental health with down time, meditation and positive affirmations. Just look after yourself.

3. ‘No’ is not a bad word.

It’s ok to say no sometimes. After reading Sarah Knight’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck’ I was all over this. I stopped feeling guilty for saying ‘no’ to attending events I dont want to go to, or filling my days off catching up with people I can barely even call an aquaintence. Life is too bloody short to spend your days doing things you don’t enjoy. It’s ok to say no. And it’s ok to not give a reason too.

4. Nourish your mind.

My job does not challenge me intellectually. At all. Sorry, but it’s just a fact. I need more mental stimulation than what being a flight attendant brings to the table. I crave personal growth and need to use my brain sometimes so I don’t feel like a total dumb dumb. Reading books and listening to motivating podcasts is one way tonourish your mind and help with self improvement. I’ve learnt I need to cultivate my creative side more often and get back in to writing. It’s good for my mind and for my soul.

5. Doggos are Life.

Look, along with the entire world population, I’ve always known this but since getting a fur baby of my own, this has never been more real. I’ve become the ultimate #dogmum and I’m not ashamed of it. (We’re not having human children after all). Nothing makes me happier than coming home to Bodhi. He lights up my life and has made me feel a whole new level of love. Dogs are such joyful, loyal and loving creatures that make you feel so bloody happy. You can never be sad or lonely or cold (they are the best cuddle buddies) when you have a doggo around. Fuck, I love my dog.

6. Exercise for health not aesthetics.

When you stop focusing on how your body looks and start focusing on how it feels, your whole relationship with exercise will change.

I lost weight this year (not heaps or anything but enough to be noticeable I guess) and I don’t really know when or how it happened. People would comment on how I was looking and ask me what I’d been doing, and in all honestly, I couldn’t give them a definitive answer. It wasn’t that I’d suddenly upped my fitness regime or starting counting my macros. If anything it was the opposite. I actually stopped obsessing over how I looked and what I ate. I stopped feeling guilty if I didn’t make it to the gym every day or ate too much chocolate. I just exercised when I had time and energy to do so. Now I exercise to feel good, to feel fit, to be healthy. I’ve relaxed my eating and allow myself to indulge when I’m craving something. No guilt attached. I listen to my body and respond to it by how I feel, not how I look.

7. Appreciate the little things.

My favourite moments are always the simple ones. The first taste of coffee in the morning. Lazy Sunday sleep ins with no alarms. Cuddles in bed with my boys. The feeling of soft white beach sand between my toes. The smell of the ocean. The blue hues of the sea. Sunsets. The way Bodhi wags his tail with his entire body when he is happy I am home. The first sip of wine after a long ass day. Sunshine. Scoring the beach to myself. A well earned holiday. Finishing a good book. These are the things that I love and appreciate the most.

8. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude will change your life. Seriously. (Oprah totes agrees btw). The more you express gratitude for the things you have, the more you will have to be grateful for. It’s so easy to loose sight of all of our blessings. We are always quicker to dwell on the negatives than we are to be thankful for all the positive things in our life. I for one, know I can complain too often (mostly about being away from home or being tired) but with a little perspective I realise life really isn’t that bad. I’m lucky enough to have a job that pays the bills and allows me to travel around Australia. I have food on the table, people who love me, a house to live in and an amazing partner. I’m surrounded by love and happiness and I’m truly so grateful to live so close to the coast. When you stop and really truly allow yourself to wholeheartedly feel gratitude, your whole world can transform. When you take notice of all the abundance in your life, the blessing will come pouring in.

Whether 2017 was a great year or not so much. Even if it had more downs than up, I hope the lessons learnt through it all made it all worthwhile. Every end marks a new beginning. Happy New Year. Have a happy, safe and blessed 2018.

Love Eloise x