You know you’re getting old when.

Look, it’s no secret that I am a bit of an old biddie. I don’t like going out and I hate dressing up. I’d choose a night in over a night out, brunch over dinner and bed over bars any day. It’s just how I roll.

I might still be lingering around the mid 20’s mark but sometimes I act more like I’m in my mind 40’s. I’m totally ok with my hermit, fuddy-duddy lifestyle, but lately I’ve realised that SHIT, I really am getting old! And I know I’m not the only one to have this revelation. Here are a few thoughts all of us mid-20-year-olds have had on more than one occasion.

You know you are getting old when…

1. You’ve gone from drinking Vodka lime and sodas to red wine by the bottle. And you enjoy it.

2. The first thing you do when you arrive at a party is survey the room for all exits so you can safely ‘phantom’ outta there later.

3. Everything hurts. All the time. And not because you worked out yesterday. It’s just your body slowly giving up.

4. Netflix and chill literally means, Netflix and chill.

5. A good weekend is judged by how productive it is and how many things get crossed off the to-do list. Not by how much socialising you do.

6. On the rare occasion you do head out, you feel like the most overdressed and under manicured person there. Short skirts, cleavage and full faces of make-up everywhere!

7. New homewares brings you more excitement than new clothes.

8. The bulk of your wardrobe is made up of jeans, trackies and activewear. If someone asks you to come out on a whim you’ll likely rock up in your Lorna Jane.

9.  Someone suggests going out mid-week and your first thought is, ‘Go out on a school night? Is this a joke?!’

10. If it hits 9pm and you’re not already in bed with your face washed, teeth brushed and pj’s on, you genuinely start to rethink how things ended up this way.

11. FOMO? More like JOMO (joy of missing out).

12. There are more foam rollers and trigger point balls in your house than there are people living there. They’ve even developed a permanent little posse.

13. You don’t even no what it’s like to be awake after midnight anymore. And the only time you see the sunrise is when you wake up for it.

14. You barely do anything all day but you still need a afternoon nap.

15. Those wrinkles under your eyes and around your mouth aren’t just laugh lines anymore. Those bastards stick around even when you a resting bitch face. Not cute.

16. You wake up early on your days off and not by choice.

17. Your ideal Saturday night consists of comfy clothes, a movie and bed.

18. You stop celebrating your birthday and let it go under the radar each year.

And that right there, is 18 signs you know you are getting old. Can I get a raise of hands of those who can relate?

Love Elo xx