Dressing Down Vs Dressing Up

I hate dressing up. Hate it. Anyone who knows me, knows what a rarity it is for me to don a dress and heels or squeeze myself into a pair of skinny-legged jeans. Close to, mmm maybe 80% of the time, I can be found in activewear and if it’s not LJ I’m sporting, it’s my favourite baggy denim shorts chucked on over my bikini.

I’m just not one of those girly girls. I do dress up every now and then, it’s just not a common occurrence. I still take pride in my appearance, but when it comes to make-up I’m more a minimalistic, natural kinda a girl – basically what ever is most time efficient. That’s just how I roll and here are some reasons why.

13 Reasons Why I Hate Dressing Up

  1. Sports bras are WAY more comfortable (and supportive) than any of those pesky underwire bras.
  2. No bra is even better.
  3. Casual and comfortable is probably a more accurate representation of my personality than sophisticated and stylish.
  4. New clothes cost money. Fashion is expensive.
  5. Shopping sucks! Crowded shopping centres are pretty much my idea of hell. Navigating my way through busy shopping malls overrun by slow walkers, spacially unaware trolley pushers and aimless meanderers is not on the top of how-I-would-like-to-utilize-my-spare-time list.
  6. Trying on clothes is the WORST! All that time spent in those multi-mirrored fitting rooms, seeing yourself from all angles and witnessing lumps and bumps you didn’t even know you had? Nup. No thanks!
  7. The very occasional times I do put in a little bit of effort to dress up, are all that more special. Seriously, I can even see the sparkle in my boyfriend’s eyes when he sees me dolled up.
  8. Messy bun… is my hair dirty? Is it clean? Did I just go to the gym? Did I wake-up like this? No body can ever tell.
  9. Wearing activewear every day is totally acceptable now anyway. Activewear is the new black. Duh!
  10. Bonus: I can go from work or lunch dates straight to the gym. #Convenience.
  11. When it comes to make-up, less is more. Nobody likes a cake face. Just like I don’t like spending hours contouring, highlighting and pencilling.
  12. I’ve managed to compress the time it takes to get ready in the mornings down to a 10-15minute turn-around. That means less time in the bathroom and more time in bed. Who’s winning at life here?
  13. Baggy tops and comfy loose-fitting clothes are great at hiding food babies.


I guess you could say, my personal style is best described as low-mainetance. I choose comfort over style.

Love Elo x

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