Guilt-Free Easter Gift Ideas

If you haven’t already realised, purely from the abundance of chocolate eggs and bunnies overloading supermarket shelves right now, Easter is just one week away. It’s that time of year when for some strange reason we give each other chocolate to “celebrate” a “holiday” that has biblical homage. Because makes sense. Because why not? Because chocolate. *insert confused face here*

Instead of chocolate, why not give a guilt-free gift this year… something a little bit healthier and less likely to result in a sugar coma. I mean, you wouldn’t hear me complaining about receiving a Cadbury creme egg or Malteaser Bunny (let’s pretend I’m not vegan for a mo), but I certainly would whinge about spending 2 hours on a treadmill working it off the next day.

So here are some of my favourite guilt-free Easter gift ideas for the fit chick or sporty sister in your life:

Activewear Activewear

Yes I may be speaking on behalf of the every female gym goer here, but trust me when I say, you can never go wrong with giving a fitness chick new activewear. Not a single workout bunny, would complain about receiving some fresh Nike threads or a Lorna Jane gift card. Nothing is more motivating than new gym clothes!

Sweat In Style  Sogz sweat towels are my new favourite gym accessory. Colourful and vibrant, these stylish micro fibre sweat towels are quick drying and did I mention super cute? Compact enough to roll up into a neat little bundle, they are the perfect size for the benches at the gym. I love that they aren’t bulky, but mostly I love the fact that they sure beat the dull bath towels I used to take with me to pump class. (IG: @sogzstore)

Healthy Sweet Treats Still want to satisfy that sweet tooth without the naughty calories? You can still give the gift of sweetness this Easter, but rather than nomming on some poor bunny’s ears, opt for something more nutritious yet equally delicious like raw vegan treats. Raw Out Loud and Blissfully Raw are two of my personal favourites, for amazing raw treats that taste so good its hard to believe they are healthy. Both Perth based small businesses, you can find these treats in cafes and coffee spots around Perth. (IG: rawout_loud / @blissfullyraw) 

A Box of Happiness
Make someone smile a little brighter with a Little Box of Happiness. Designed to inspire, motivate and bring happiness to whoever opens it up, these little boxes of pure joy are filled with cute little gifts to encourage a positive and healthy mindset. With treats such as a scented candle, inspirational quotes, a crystal, notepad and more, a Little Box of Happiness is the perfect gift for someone who just needs a little extra sparkle in their day. (IG: @little_box_of_happiness)

Pamper Time   There arent many things more relaxing than filling up a hot bath, lighting some candles and settling in for quality ‘me-time’. Every deserves a little pampering sometimes and Page Thirty Three Bath Brew Tea Bags make the perfect gift for someone who needs some chill time. Made with all organic and natural ingredients, these giant tea bags for the bath are used for a relaxing and remedial bath soak. Not to mention, they smell absolutely divine! (IG: @pagethirtythree) 

What are some of your favourite chocolate free gifts to give or receive on Easter? Leave me a comment below.

And on that note, I hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe Easter.

Love Eloise xx