Collect Moments, Not Things

It is said; the best things in life are free. That money doesn’t buy happiness. To spend money on experiences, not things…

Do you agree?

Nice things are great and all. I mean, they make us feel happy and special and even a little bit excited, but those feelings are usually only temporary. Soon enough we get over that excitement, become bored with our purchase and quickly start lusting over the latest version of pretty much the exact same thing. We take a look at our possessions and still want more. It’s a cycle of consumerism. A never-ending one. It’s as if what we have is never good enough because something better is always just around the corner.

I have never been particularly materialistic. I have never placed a huge importance on having nice things or a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. I have always valued experiences over possessions and I choose to spend quality time with the people I love than spend money on things I love. I prefer to collect moments, not things.

That’s not to say I don’t often feel tempted by pretty, shiny stuff…

It used to be crystals, books and homewares. Now its mainly gym clothes, bikinis and well, still homewares. (I just have a thing for cushions and beautiful bedding ok!) My constant scrolling through Instagram (yes I admit, I am an #instaaddict) certainly doesn’t help the situation. Not to mention, working full-time at Lorna Jane (which, even prior to my employment, was my number one weakness), really isn’t doing my wallet any favours either. Legit, I’ve actually starting whispering to myself ‘collect moments not things’ whilst unpacking the new stock every week.

To be completely honest, a retail wage really doesn’t allow for any frivolous spending anyway. Yet regardless of this fact, the little devil on my shoulder still does a great job at convincing me I should buy stuff that I really do not need.

So in moments of weakness I force myself to come back down to earth. I have to remind myself that there are far more important things I should be saving my pennies for. I would rather spend my hard earned dollars on building up an extensive resume of wonderful life experiences and beautiful memories, than a collection of earthly belongings. So when that little devil starts to get the better of me, I speak truth to myself. I ask, what is more important – a life full of amazing memories and dspecial moments or a house full of things? The answer is simple. Experiences.

And to me that means travelling – immersing myself in different cultures, exploring foreign cities, making friends with strangers, and gazing at mesmerising views that even photos cannot do justice. To me, this is worth spending my money on.

We only have this one life. Just one opportunity to live life to the fullest and once our time on earth is up, all we take with us is our memories! All our worldly possessions get left behind. So what is the point in accumulating a bunch of meaningless things only for them to collect dust? Personally I want to leave this world knowing I made the most of each day and every opportunity. I want to have explored the world and crossed off all the adventures on my bucket list. I want to feel content that I lived a happy and full life. More importantly, I want to leave a positive impact on the people around me.

I think sometimes we need to remember that happiness isn’t measured by a substantial bank account, a portfolio of properties or the number of luxury cars lined up in the driveway. At the end of the day, all of that is JUST STUFF! I do believe that some of the best things in life are free. Sunsets, coastal views, a warm hug, those butterflies you feel when you are in love and endless ‘can’t breathe’ laughter. But the one thing money does buy that brings happiness is travel!

2 thoughts on “Collect Moments, Not Things

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  2. I absolutely love this post. Everything you’ve said really chimes with me. I have always said that it is Memories Not Stuff that make life worth living and that is so true. I agree so much with your notion of money not buying happiness too. So many people get bogged down by things that they forget to actually live. It’s not easy but i think it’s important. Great article.

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