Perth Fitness & Health Expo

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Perth Fitness and Health Expo prior to the event opening to the public. Prepared only with the information; wear workout gear, bring your water bottle and expect a few surprises, myself and a select group of influential Perth Bloggers were invited along to check it out. With the suspense of not knowing exactly what to expect, and sore muscles from my leg workout the day before, I was nervous but also excited.

And it certainly didn’t disappoint. We spent the morning meeting some of Australia’s top health, fitness and nutrition professionals, were treated to food tastings, watched cooking demonstrations and were even put through our paces with a sweaty workout from LA fitness trainer Max Philisaire. It was a fun-filled two hours of fitness, education and mingling with like-minded Perth creatives, who also have a passion for health and fitness.

Max Philisaire - also known as 'The Body'. No prizes for guessing why that is

Max Philisaire – also known as ‘The Body’. No prizes for guessing why that is

So how did it start. With a gruelling, sweaty, muscle-burning workout of course. While I was expecting (and actually excited about) exercise being part of the day (#gymjunkie), some of the other girls were a little less thrilled when they realised being introduced to Max Philisaire aka ‘The Body’ wasn’t just about drooling over his rock hard abs and swooning over those biceps. He would be training us too! He didn’t go easy on us either. Running, chin ups, box jumps, kettle ball swings, push-ups and burpees… so many burpees! Yes it was a struggle (especially after leg day) but I loved the challenge and feeling the burn!

No one looks good mid box jump... Photo credit: @_hannahbc from We Are Dannah

No one looks good mid box jump… Photo credit: @_hannahbc from We Are Dannah

Next up was a cooking demonstration and some much needed post-workout sustenance from Sydney-based nutritionist and trainer Kim Beach. Kim showed us how to make a simple yet highly nutritious and delicious smoothie, perfect for a post workout snack, breakfast on the go or even as a meal. Bananas, strawberries, rice milk, rolled oats, cinnamon and pysillym husk all blended up – the secret to making it thick and creamy? Use frozen banana! That’s not where the taste-testing ended either. We also got to try some delicious raw vegan caramel slices from Perth-based company Active Eating, which was so good I was tempted to go back for seconds. Active eating, which provides healthy nutritional balanced meals for people on the go, is currently a one woman show but is set to grow and expand with demand soon.

Kim Beach showing us how to make the perfect smoothie. Photo credit: @_hannahbc from We Are Dannah

Kim Beach making smoothies. Photo credit: @_hannahbc from We Are Dannah

First there was ‘The Body’, then there was a chance to see someone else’s biceps up close and personal. None other than Commando Steve. Forget what you’ve seen on episodes of The Biggest Loser, ‘The Commando’ isn’t as scary as he has been made out to be in the past. Sorry dude, you’re loosing your street cred right now. He was very friendly, humble and yep, easy on the eye.  That being said, we didn’t train with him, so maybe his more intimidating side comes out when he is in his element.


‘The Commando’

But even better than getting to touch Max ‘The Body”s muscles and get up and close with Commando Steve, was having the opportunity to meet and network with some fellow Perth bloggers and creatives. Attending the event on my own was a little nerve-racking. I was pretty hesitant about going – to be in a position where I knew no one and had no idea what to expect. But I am so glad I put my brave pants on and attended because not only was it a super fun experience but I also left the event with two new friends and a lot of inspired thoughts.

Basically as soon as I arrived I was lucky enough to meet two of the loveliest and most genuinely friendly girls, Ella and Hannah. Ella, a lifestyle vlogger (imellarose) and Hannah a blogger (wearedannah) were breaths of fresh air, making the entire day worth attending. You know those times when you meet someone and you just instantly ‘click’ with them. That’s what it was like, meeting these two ladies. When you meet like-minded people with similar interests, ambitions and goals it only inspires you to dream bigger and work harder on your own projects. At least that’s how I feel. Turns out all three of us are vegans too, so what better way to talk blogging, health, fitness and possible collaborations than over a delicious vegan brunch after the expo. We had earned it after all (thanks Max).

If I was to take away only one thing from this experience as the most memorable, it would have to be the networking opportunities and meeting new friends (sorry Commando). It was amazing to be surrounded by other people who have the same passions and dreams as me, because sometimes my friends and family just don’t quite get it. I am so grateful to have attended this event. I came away with new knowledge, inspiration, fresh ideas, new friends and sore muscles.

The Australian Fitness & Health Expo is a three-day event held annually in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Any health and fitness nuts out there, make sure you check it out when it comes to your city next year. Along with getting the chance to meet fitness celebs, there are plenty of free samples, the latest workout wear, upcoming workout equipment, powerlifting competitions and so much more to feast your eyes and stomachs on.

Love Eloise x