My Week Without Coffee

love-for-coffee-15023Last week I challenged myself to give up coffee. The goal was to replace my daily Soy Long Mac (Mmmmmmm) with a green juice instead. Why? Look, to be honest, I am still asking myself the same question. No, not really. The reason for this trade off was because recently I had noticed my body becoming addicted to caffeine. For two weeks I had this almost constant headache, all day, everyday. However, as soon as I had coffee it would go away. I woke up one Saturday morning with the most excruciating headache. I couldn’t get myself out of bed for over an hour after I had woken, and when I finally did rise to brew (and consume) a nice warm Nespresso, my headache disappeared. That’s when I realised my body had become addicted to coffee. I was having withdrawals.

So in an effort to ween myself off my addiction, I made the decision to go a week without coffee. No coffee, just green juices. For a week. That’s all I had to do.

Was it hard? Surprisingly, no. Did I feel tired? No. Did I lack energy? No. Did I experience withdrawals. Not really. Did I miss it? HECK YES!!

But it wasn’t the caffeine that I missed, or the energy hit. (Admittedly I did experience a pretty intense all day headache on the Monday, but that was it). What I missed about my daily coffee was the taste. The sweet sweet nectar. The heavenly aroma. The warmth in my bones. The smooth rich velvety deliciousness. That, and also the ritual… The 10am coffee run has become a bit of tradition and a beautiful bonding experience between me and my LJ girlies. Something we look forward to daily… You know, that little thing to get us through the work day.

However, In my coffee free week I did learn a few things. I realized there are both pros and cons to a coffee free life.

PRO: After one day my coffee withdrawal headaches disappeared

CON: That first day with that excruciating headache was hell!

PRO: I slept so much better.

CON: I kept sleeping through my alarm for the gym in the morning

PRO: I limited my soy intake and filled up with nutrient dense green smoothies instead

CON: I was so much hungrier and found myself snacking more

PRO: I saved money by not buying coffees daily

CON: I spent more money buying food instead

PRO: I didn’t rely on caffeine for an energy kick and was able to find my energy naturally

CON: I missed my daily coffee

CON: I missed having a treat to look forward to during the work day

CON: I missed its deliciousness

CON: I love coffee and no one should have to live without its amazingness!

Look, I just really love love love coffee. The taste, the aroma, the warm fuzzies. A good coffee, made by a talented barista is sometimes enough to make my day. It’s my treat (and I don’t treat myself to much else) and something I truly enjoy. But now, knowing how good I still felt without a daily coffee – knowing that I don’t need it to fight tiredness and lethargy, I am going to limit my intake. I’ve decided it doesn’t need to be a daily thing. But I’ve also realized it’s ok to treat yo self every now and then!

Love Eloise xx