The One Active Life Story

I have been overwhelmed by the abundance of new likers, followers and subscribers to One Active Life in the recent weeks. It always brings me so much humbled joy to see interest boom and the One Active Life community grow. So firstly, welcome! Secondly, thank you! And thirdly, let’s get to know each other a little better.

You may have already popped over to the About page, but I thought I might as well tell you all a little more about the One Active Life journey. How it began. How it has changed. Why I love blogging and what it is all about.


A couple of months ago I was contacted by the founder of the app Your Fork to feature on their blog celebrating the best health and fitness bloggers. They asked me a bunch of questions, I gave them a bunch of answers and here is a little glimpse.

1. What is your blog about?

One Active Life is a health, fitness and wellness blog, aimed to inspire, motivate and educate people on living a positive and healthy lifestyle. The One Active Life motto ‘Active Body, Active Mind, Active World’ is based on my belief that the three must work in harmony with one another to establish a healthy and balanced life.

2. What inspired you to begin your blogging journey? 

One Active Life actually began as ‘Two Sisters sharing One Active Life’. It was a collaborative effort between my sister and I. We both have a passion for all things healthy living, fitness and positive thinking so we thought we’d put our brainpowers’ together to create a blog space where we could bang on about it to our hearts content. With my journalism degree and writing background, starting a blog was something I always wanted to do but was scared to do it on my own, so when my sister came to me with the idea it was like we’d had a telepathic moment.

One Active Life is now a solo effort for myself. After six months of blogging, my sister realized writing wasn’t her thing and stepped away from the blog. Meanwhile, I realised writing was definitely, 100% my thing. (So I really do have my sister to thank for helping me launch into something I was too fearful to do on my own). Over the last 18 months my passion and love of writing has grown immensely. From once thinking I would never write again (post years of university study), I now want to pour my love and passion for writing into a full time career. The amount of lives that can be touched simply through the written word is incredible. What I love about blogging is that it is a platform in which I can communicate with such a broad audience.

My personal purpose is to inspire and motivate people to live their best life. I want to encourage those around me to think positively and understand the power of the mind in creating a healthy life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One Active Life is the forum I have chosen to do so. I write about real issues and struggles, which I feel people can resonate with. Honestly, even if just one person comes to me and says ‘Wow that blog post really resonated with me. That was just what I needed right now’ I feel like my purpose is being fulfilled.

More than just the ‘Active Mind’ and ‘Active World’ accept, having studied both fitness and nutrition, I also like to write about the topic of ‘Active Body’. Keeping physically active and nourishing the body with good nutrition is essential for our wellbeing and something I am also very passionate about.

3. Has anything surprised you along the way? 

I think the biggest surprise has been where support has and has not come from. The people who I thought would have encouraged me the most (I’m talking family and close friends) have actually shown the least amount of enthusiasm and support towards One Active Life. But that’s ok, because where support has been lacking, it has come in full force from unexpected places. It has been surprising but also so rewarding to have people who I do not know, people I have just met or people who I haven’t been in contact with for years, approach me and thank me for one of the blog posts I’ve written. It has been these same people who come back to One Active Life time and time again, share my posts and encourage me to pursue my writing further. That to me, is very humbling. It is so lovely to know people do actually believe in me and are inspired by my words.

4. What do you love to do in your spare time? 

Well firstly, I love exercising but if I am not at the gym, I love spending time at the beach and reading or doing both at the same time. The beach is my happy place. It’s where I can easily loose hours gazing out at the ocean, listening to the waves gently crash on the shore and soaking up all the beauty of nature. My favourite thing to do is to watch the sunset and reflect on all the things I am grateful for. I feel like everything is balanced when I am by the ocean.

5. When you’re at home, what’s your go-to meal?

I love a good salad. They are so quick and easy to throw together, especially since I usually don’t get home from the gym til late most nights. I always try to have lots of fresh veggies in my fridge so I can always whip some kind of salad up at any time of day. At the beginning of the week I will roast up a batch of sweet potato and pumpkin so I have it ready to go.

6. If you could only have three ingredients in the kitchen, what would they be?

My kitchen is never absent of these 3 things… Nuts (they make the perfect on-the-go snack, are high in protein and healthy fats to keep you full), coconut oil (for cooking and making raw treats) and spinach (perfect base for any salad or smoothie).


So there you have a little more insight into the One Active Life journey thus far. It’s only going to get bigger and better from here. I still have a few secret ideas hidden away and big dreams I’m striving towards. I would love to hear what it is you love about One Active Life, what you don’t like so much and anything you would like to see more of.

Do you have any more questions for me? Please ask me in the comments below.

Love Eloise xx