Plant-powered: Why I Became Vegetarian

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At the beginning of the year I made the choice to go vegetarian. Contrary to the expectations of one friend who said to me, “I give you two months”, I am now in my sixth month of #vegolife and I am never turning back. (I am also still waiting for an apology).

My decision to adopt a plant-based diet came shortly after completing a 7-day raw detox late last year. I felt so incredibly amazing after the 7 days that I didn’t want to return to my usual diet. My transition back to eating meat was very slow and as soon as I was consuming it more regularly again, I noticed myself feeling heavy, sluggish and just a bit bleh. I pretty quickly realised that I simply felt better on a meat-free diet. That’s when I decided I would go vegetarian.

Although my choice to eliminate meat was originally for health reasons, rather than ethical or environmental, the longer I went without it, the more the idea of eating meat started to repulse me. The thought of consuming animal flesh – the muscle of another living being, not dissimilar to that of humans, disgusts me! The smell of meat cooking actually makes me feel sick to the stomach. I have to hide away in my room if my housemate is ever cooking meat because the stench of frying flesh makes me nauseous.

The longer I have gone without consuming meat in my diet, the more I have started to think about vegetarianism from an ethical stand point. I have been educating myself more and more on the inhumane practices carried out within the meat and dairy industries and disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe it! The conditions and processes that are performed in factory farms and slaughterhouses are horrific, cruel and sickening.

I recently forced myself to watch the documentary ‘Earthlings’. Through streams of tears and many ‘can’t bare to watch’ moments hidden behind my hands, I forced myself to watch the entire film from beginning to end. I have seen some pretty horrifying movies in my time, but nothing compares to ‘Earthlings’. It is distressing. It is gruesome. It is heart-wrenching. But it is reality. And it is a reality that most people are ignorant to.

If you are not willing to see where it comes from, if you are not willing to think about where it comes from, then you shouldn’t eat it. The problem is, most people are such unconscious eaters that they do not even think about how the meat on their plate got there. They don’t think about the cow. They don’t think about the chicken. They don’t think about the pig. They disconnect from what it actually is and how it went from being a living animal to a piece of flesh for human consumption.

“It has been said that, if we all had to kill our own meat we’d all be vegetarians” – Earthlings.

I urge evetyone to watch the video below. Let your eyes be opened to the truth and educate yourself. What you choose to do with the information is up to you. If you have a problem watching it but not a problem eating it then something really doesn’t add up.

Since watching ‘Earthlings’ and having my decision to choose vegetarianism cemented even more firmly into my spirit, my interest has been focused on learning even more. Researching and watching documentaries consumed my Saturday evening and now my moral compass is pointing towards veganism. 

I always knew the next step would be going vegan. I already don’t eat eggs or drink dairy milk but I do enjoy the occasional yoghurt and I do love cheese! However, I care for animal rights more. The dairy industry is a disgrace. The way newborn calves are literally dragged from their mothers so they cannot suckle their milk and then chained up in a cage, is heartbreaking. The way female cows are pumped full of hormones to increase their milk production to the point they cannot carry their own body weight anymore, brings tears to my eyes. 

I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t support these industries who exploit, torture and I humanely slaughter animals. I refuse to buy, eat or consume any animal products. From today I am choosing a vegan lifestyle.

The above clip is yet another worthwhile watch, educating you on why you should go vegan.

If nothing else, I hope that people become more conscious of their eating habits. That they start to think about the cow. Think about the turkey. Think about the sheep. It’s about not disconnecting so much and being aware of where your food has come from.

Love Eloise xx