No Excuses At Home Workout

The gym’s closed? Only have 30 minutes to spare? No exercise equipment? No problem! These sound like excuses to me and lucky for you I have a solution to eliminate them all. You don’t need a gym membership, hours of time or an endless supply of weights, dumbbells and machines to get your body moving. With just your own bodyweight, you can still get just as an effective calorie-burning and heart-rate raising workout.

I came up with this full body workout one morning when I just couldn’t be bothered going to the gym (yes, this does happen sometimes). Still wanting to get my much-needed daily exercise endorphin fix, I laced up my sneakers, rolled out my exercise mat and got moving. Don’t find a reason to skip your exercise for the day, try this little at home bodyweight circuit instead.


This workout contains 2 circuits. Repeat each circuit 3 times with a 30 second break between each round. Start on circuit 1 then move on to circuit 2. Have a 1 minute break between circuits.

Circuit 1 

20 x squat jumps

15 x push ups

50 x mountain climbers

30 x cycle crunches

Circuit 2

20 x jumping lunges (10 each leg)

15 x tricep pushups

10 x burpees

30 x Russian twists


Don’t forget to warm up and cool down with a good stretch before and after your workout. Drink plenty of water throughout the workout and hydrate well afterwards.

Whether its because the gym is closed, you are pushed for time or simply don’t feel like fighting for your turn at the squat rack, this easy bodyweight circuit will get your heart rate up and muscles burning. Happy Exercising!

Love Eloise xx