Love Who You Are

Loving Yourself is the best thing you will ever do.


‘To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.’ – Alan Cohen

Learning to love myself is probably the hardest challenge I have ever had to face. I have never struggled with anything more than I have done with this. I have always wished to be one of those women who truly and wholeheartedly love themselves. Someone so utterly happy and content in their own skin that they absolutely radiate with confidence. One of those women who, despite their flaws, still embrace who they are and accept themselves completely.

Wouldn’t that just be so elevating? So refreshing? To not worry about how you look every single minute of every single day. To not be paralyzed by negative self-talk, hatred and low self-esteem. To be so content with who you are as a person that you never feel the need to impress anyone. Can you just imagine how wonderful that would be?

Well let me tell you, it really is A-MAZING!!!

After years (I’d say roughly 24 or so), I have finally found happiness in who I am. I can finally say that I truly love and accept myself. I am content, confident and proud of the woman I have become. I accept myself and my flaws. It has certainly been a long and treacherous journey with many bumps along the way but I, Eloise Smith, can finally say… I love me.

I think the reason I struggled with the concept of self love for such a long time is because I was on quest for something I could never be… Perfect. A trap, a lot of us fall into.

Loving yourself isn’t about being 100% happy with every last inch of your body and soul. It’s not about being perfect. After all, perfection doesn’t exist. Self love is about acceptance. It is about accepting that you have flaws, that you make mistakes, that you are unique. And it’s those things that make you, you! It’s about truly embracing yourself for the beautiful individual that you are.

And I’m not just talking about body love. What I am really talking about is, inner love. Self approval from within. It’s when you wholly love the person you are inside, that everything else follows. When you finally find and understand yourself as a person, when you finally become happy with all your personality quirks and discover your inner beauty, you realize that having the perfect body really doesn’t matter. Your body is just a shell. A shell for what actually matters – your mind and your soul.

The absolute best thing about finding self love and acceptance is the opportunities that follow. For me, it feels like my eyes have been opened up to a whole new world of possibilities. I have a new found confidence. I am willing to branch out of my comfort zone. I am finally confident in myself and content with who I am. I no longer fear rejection or ridicule. I no longer need to impress anyone. I like who I am. I like the woman I have become. I am happy with me and if someone else doesn’t like me, then that’s perfectly ok. I am who I am, and people can either choose to take it or leave it.

I’d rather be disliked for who I am than liked for someone I am not.

It is true what they say. Love yourself first and the rest will fall into place.

You must learn to love yourself. You must learn to be happy with yourself. Only then can you spread love and happiness to others.

Love Elo xx

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