Sneaky Changes and Fresh Beginnings

Have you noticed the changes around here? If you are a religious One Active Life reader, Instagram follower or keep up-to-date with the Facebook page, you may have already clued on to exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a sneaky change, but also a big one.

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I’ll spare you any more suspense and just cut to the chase. One Active Life is no longer ‘Two sisters sharing one active life’ but rather a solo venture for me, Eloise.

That’s right, Jess has bid adieu to One Active Life in order to follow her own dream project (which I am super excited to share with you all when it comes to fruition). It was a decision she made months ago (you may have noticed she hadn’t posted a blog for some time) and one I supported fully. Unlike me, who has a genuine love and passion for writing, Jess realized writing her weekly blog posts had become more of a burden than a joy. Subsequently, she decided it was time to spread her wings, leaving One Active Life to me.

Writing is my dream, not Jess’s, and now she is off making hers happen! Which is freaking fabulous!! Life is too short to do anything that does not make you happy.

I really do have Jess to thank for One Active Life. Although starting a blog was something I had envisioned doing for a long time, truthfully I am not sure I ever would have taken the plunge and done it if it wasn’t for her. The thought of launching one on my own seemed far too overwhelming, so without Jess suggesting we do this together I probably never would have done it.

So from now on it is just me. I have some big ideas and plans for One Active Life this year, which I cannot wait to get started on. I’ll be publishing regular blog posts as usual, but will be venturing further into other areas – including more recipes, more reviews and more… Well you’ll just have to wait and find out.

Thank you to everyone who has supported One Active Life so far. Don’t forget you can also subscribe to One Active Life by signing up with your email address on the right hand side of the screen. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you but you will receive an instant email notification each time a new blog is posted.

Looking forward to bringing you even bigger and better content in 2015.

Love Elo xx

2 thoughts on “Sneaky Changes and Fresh Beginnings

  1. Please share those delicious looking fritters, would love the receipe 🙂 and congrats to u as well, and to your sister for finding her passion.

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