7 Days of Raw


How does this sound – only eating raw fruit and vegetables all day, every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no grains… nothing cooked AT ALL? Like, I’m talking not even steamed broccoli!!

Horrible? Torture? Bland? Why on earth would any one ever do that by choice? Well that’s exactly what I just did for the past 7 days, with some surprising outcomes.

I have just completed a 7-day raw food detox as directed to me by my trainer. Admittedly my first thoughts towards the idea of only eating raw food for a whole week were much like the responses above. Heck, even during the start of the detox when I was feeling like I wanted to die, it all seemed too hard! But here I am seven days later and I feel incredible!

So what exactly did this ‘detox’ involve?

  • No cooked food whatsoever
  • Raw fruit and vegetables only, plus some raw unsalted nuts
  • A fresh juice for breakfast, salad for lunch and a raw meal for dinner.
  • Serving of fruit or a small portion of nuts as snacks in between meals
  • No coffee or caffeine
  • No meat, dairy, gluten or animal products including eggs
  • No sugar, salt or sauces
  • Drink 2-4L of water a day

It might not sound too crazy for all you vegetarians and vegans out there, but for a meat eater and a roasted sweet potato/pumpkin lover like myself, it all seemed very daunting. That being said, I did it!!! I stuck to it 100% whilst continuing to train as usual and I also kept a journal throughout the 7 days to document it all. So to give you all a little insight into the ups and downs of my week of raw here is a glimpse into my journal.

Day 1:
Fairly normal energy levels all day.
Tired in the afternoon but I usually feel lethargic around that time.
Super hungry by the afternoon
Absolutely starving after training that I rushed home and ate straight away
Still felt hungry after dinner
Didn’t have the same energy at training as usual

Day 2:
Oh. My. God. I feel like s**t!
Ridiculously tired ALL DAY!
Very little energy and feeling weak
The most horrific headache all day long
Super moody, irritable and snappy
Starving! Especially between breakfast and morning snack
Felt very faint and dizzy at training – had to take it easy
Energy levels picked up after training and eating dinner
Could do with some meat
This better be freakn’ worth it!!!

Day 3:
Starting to feel better
No headache today
Energy levels picking up – still a bit tired though
Focus good
Slept really well last night
Hunger between lunch and dinner

Day 4:
Wow I’m starting to feel pretty good
Quite energetic and no tiredness
I have a lot more mental clarity and focus
Feeling lighter
Clothes starting to feel looser
Happy, positive and feeling good
Hunger levels fine

Day 5:
I am feeling great! Full of energy!!
Sleeping really well and waking up easily in the morning
No tiredness at all
No cravings or feelings of hunger
Happy, energetic, mental focus and feeling calm
Skin has cleared up
Feel lighter, waist is smaller and clothes are fitting better

Day 6:
I feel amazing!
Woke up at 4:45am went to the gym, worked for 8.5 hours, then went to the gym again after work and I still feel energetic – this is incredible!
Slept well and completely uninterrupted
No tiredness, cravings or hunger pangs.
I honestly feel so good!!!
Calm, happy and peaceful

Day 7:
I honestly cannot believe how amazing I feel!!
I’m bouncing off the walls with energy
Smashed training tonight
Not even phased about introducing cooked foods back into my diet tomorrow
I feel so happy, confident and full of energy
Body has definitely changed shape, clothes are fitting better and I feel so much lighter.

So as you can see the past 7 days were somewhat of a roller coaster ride. There were points (day 2 and 3 especially) when I didn’t think I would make it through. I could have easily given in and given up but with sheer determination and the constant thought ‘it’s only 7 days’ replaying in my head, I managed to solider on. And boy am I glad I stuck it out.


So, what were my results at the end of the raw detox?

Well for starters, I lost 2.8kg in that 7 days. I could tell I had lost weight because I was feeling so much lighter, the clothes that used to be tight were hanging off me and I could see the difference in my body shape and even around my face, but I certainly didn’t think it would be THAT much weight.

My skin has cleared up, the dark circles under my eyes have lightened, I feel lighter and less stodgy, I’m sleeping better (and I used to suffer from insomnia quite badly), my mood has stabilized, I’m happier, more energetic and have more mental clarity. Even my work colleagues have commented that I seem more calm, zen and
happier. My trainer also commented on how good I’m looking. Another friend mentioned that I have a really good energy now.

I expected I would loose some kgs but what I didn’t expect was all the other amazing side effects! I feel absolutely incredible! I’m bouncing off the walls with energy. For someone who used to drink a coffee most days and needed some kind of caffeine hit or pre-workout before exercising, I’m now so energized without the need for any of those toxic substances. It’s ridiculous, almost. My energy levels are through the roof!

The results really do speak for themselves.

Before starting this detox I never thought I would become such a advocate for a raw food diet. Now I understand why so many people do it. I honestly thought that I would eagerly be counting down the days until it was over. Sometimes the lunch salads got a bit boring but I fell in love with having a juice in the mornings and the dinners were pretty tasty too. I can’t believe I actually will powered my way through 7 days of raw food and didn’t give in to temptation. The results from this detox exceeded all my expectations, as did I exceed my own expectations. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out and being committed to it 100%. Even on that horrible second day when I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide from the world.

Although the 7 days are over now, funnily enough, I don’t even have the desire to go back to eating cooked foods again. My body feels that freaking good that why would I? I have zero cravings, which just goes to show how well my body has been nourished with nutrients over then past week. It’s clearly getting all the goodness it needs. I will of course, slowly begin to re-introduce meat and cooked veggies back into my diet. I’m just in no rush to. I’m actually going to continue to start my day with a fresh juice for breakfast. I’ll probably even continue to keep one of my meals completely raw and just add some meat for a bit of protein to my raw veggies for the other meal.

After this raw experience I have a new found understanding of raw food and vegan diets. I can definitely see the benefits of eating a raw food diet and would highly recommend going raw, even just for a 7-day detox like this, to anyone! Yes it will be hard, torture almost, for the first few days but if you stick it out I guarantee your body will be thanking you for it. I honestly can’t believe how AMAZING I feel!!!

It’s true what they say ‘most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel’.

Love Elo xx

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  2. Awesome Elo! Glad to hear you had such a great experience! I did a one day raw detox the other day and was so proud I made it through for 24 hours hehe would be great to do a few days next time! What were you creating for dinners? 🙂 x

  3. Wow – that does sound amazing, all fantastic benefits for a small amount of pain haha! Would it be possible for you to share some of your snack, lunch and dinner ideas – as this is where I seem to struggle – actually working out what to eat. Thanks for a great read!

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