Disconnect To Reconnect

Sorry technology, I think we need to take a break. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually it’s a little bit me, but mostly you. The constant distractions, the unnecessary disturbances and the continuous interferences… It’s all getting too much. I can’t handle it anymore.

It used to fun. We used to be good for each other but lately things have changed. You are draining me of both time and energy. I’m loosing my focus and my grounding because of you. You are distracting me from what’s truly important and I cannot allow you to have this hold over me any longer.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like you, I’ll always like you but we’re just not good for each other anymore. You demand so much from me and give me so little in return. And to be honest, you kind of annoy me now. So I’m sorry to say, but I think we should go our seperate ways…

Yes, it really has come to this. I think I need to take a timeout from technology for a little while – mainly Facebook and Instagram.

I have been aware for a while that the habits I have developed with social media are unhealthy (at best) and obsessive (at worst). I’d even go as far to (shamefully) admit that it is borderline becoming an addiction. I’m talking scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feed first thing in the morning when I wake up and last thing at night when I go to sleep, scanning my newsfeed constantly and checking my phone multiple times throughout the day to be sure I don’t miss any of those ‘stop-the-press’, life-altering notifications that may pop up on my screen.

I mean, when you can’t even write a single blog post without stopping to see what’s happening on Instagram and Facebook at least twice, you know you have a problem!!! (Oh, the irony).

Not only do I loose so much valuable time (that I could be using to do much more productive things) whilst mindlessly scrolling through my social media feeds, but I’d actually go as far too say it is affecting my wellbeing. I’m starting to lose touch of my inner peace, self-worth and what’s most important to me. Every time I log on I am basically sacrificing the time and energy that I should be putting into studying, reading, writing, learning and focusing on my goals. And for what? To read a load of boring statuses from people I barely know and see a bunch of photos of pretty things I don’t need. To be honest, I don’t even enjoy it half the time. I’m simply scrolling through out of pure habit.

Yes it is bad. Yes it is unhealthy and yes it has to stop.

A digital detox – that’s what I need! It’s an idea I have been toying with for a while, but over the last week in particular I have had many blatantly obvious signs stare me right in the face encouraging me to give up the juice.

I need to disconnect to reconnect – reconnect with me, reconnect with my mind, reconnect with my spirit, reconnect with my goals and focus on staying grounded.

Already last week I went through Instagram and unfollowed about 100 businesses that I realized were fulfilling no purpose other than making me want to buy a whole lot of things that I don’t even need. I figure, if I’m not exposed to these products, I wouldn’t even know they exist. I’ve also started deleting ‘friends’ from my personal Facebook when I see them pop up on my newsfeed and realize I either 1) don’t know who the person is or 2) wouldn’t stop and say hi to them if I were to bump into them on the street and vice versa.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still see a lot of benefit and positives in social media. I often come across some amazing, educational articles via Facebook that I probably wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. I also love following Instagram accounts that motivate and inspire me on a daily basis to fulfill my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals. Oh and then there’s the #foodporn.. So much food porn. Social media is also a great networking tool. Plus Facebook and Instagram are a huge part of One Active Life and the way in which we aim to reach out, inspire and motivate people. These are all reasons why it just wouldn’t be viable for me to cut my ties with social media completely, but to simply take control of my (I hate to say it) ‘addiction’ and implement some self control.

I actually deleted my Facebook account for a good month or two earlier this year because I was finding it far to distracting. It was honestly one of the most liberating experiences not thinking about checking my phone every few minutes for a new message, text or notification and having way more time to focus on my studies and on personal projects. The people who genuinely wanted to see and contact me did so via my phone and made the effort to see me face to face. Anyone else probably didn’t even notice my absence from Facebook because, well, we wouldn’t keep in touch outside of the social media realm anyway.

The plan this time though, isn’t to go completely cold turkey on technology, but merely to phase out my bad habits by reducing my interactions with social media. I’m going to go back to basics with how I use my phone and actually use it for the purpose it was created for – phone calls and messages. Wow! Mind blowing concept I know. There will be no more checking Instagram and Facebook multiple times throughout the day. I’m going to limit it to once in the morning – when I am still in the process of waking up first thing, and once in the evening – last thing at night before I go to bed; but if, and only if I have already done my study and personal reading for the night and I’m still not tired. That means, no checking my social media feeds on my lunch breaks at work or in between classes at tafe. During the day the only reason I will be using my phone is for phone calls and text messages – and even so, I am going to make a special effort to not be checking it all the time.

I’m expecting to benefit mentally, emotionally and spiritually from this little experiment. It’ll be a good test of my will power and self control. As an added bonus, my phone bill will surely reduce and hey, my phone battery might start lasting longer than just a couple of hours too! It’s an all-round win.

Wish me luck. Giving up an addiction is never easy.

Love Elo xx

Oh, and P.S. If you need to contact me and expect an urgent reply… Avoid social media :p

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