Fab Online Finds

Another week is nearly over already? That can’t be right. If you need a little something to get you through the last working day of the week, you are in luck. We have found some really great things online this week. Check out some of our top pics below.

2_Care2-practical-intuition_443x267-webFollow Your Gut: Intellect versus intuition? Head versus heart? Which do you usually choose? Often we regret it when we opt to rationalise our choices rather than following our gut. But why? This article explains why it is so important to follow your intuition.

Photos That’ll Move You: Wow! These are some of the most powerfully, emotive images you may ever see… 22 of the most powerful images ever! Be warned, some of these images may be upsetting for some.

What’s Worse – Sugar or Fat? So we know sugar is bad for us and we know too much saturated fat is bad for us but we’ve also been told sugar is what makes us fat, not fat. We are told to reduce or sugar intake and we won’t store so much fat. Then we are also told not to eat too many foods high in saturated fat because that is bad for our health too. Ahhh so much contradicting information. Apparently sugar and fat are just as bad as each other. Maybe this article might clarify things a little.n-SUGAR-large570

Relationship Detox: Did you see Eloise’s post at the beginning of the week about removing toxic people from your life? If you could relate but you’re still unsure if some people in your life are toxic or not, check out this article about how to recognize a toxic relationship.

Happy reading.

Love Jess and Elo xx


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