Your Feel Good Friday Fix – Full Moons, Wanderlust and 60 Second Inspiration

Silhouette of Young Woman Doing Yoga

It’s Friday the 13th and also a full moon so be prepared for an interesting day. With it being such a rare event for the two to fall on the same day, we thought we would bring a little of the moon’s magic into today’s round up. Humans are known to go a little mad with a full moon, as are us women when suffering with dreaded PMS, but what happens when the two collide? Yoga goddess Zahra Haji, explains the connection between the moon’s cycle and your own cycle.

watercolour globe

Ever wondered if the country you live in is truly the country that best suits you? This fun little quiz will show you the where in the world you should be.

When thinking of the most inspirational speeches of all time, who springs to mind? Perhaps Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, or Mahatma Gandhi? How about Jim Carrey? Unexpected perhaps, but this commencement speech certainly ranks up there with the best. By the time you a done listening, you may just decide to change the direction of your life.


Love Jess + Eloise


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