When Inspiration Strikes


Do you ever feel like your moments of inspiration come at the worst possible times?  Perhaps when you are in the shower, in the middle of a workout or just don’t have a pen and paper handy?

I certainly do and it seems to be happening to me a lot lately. I have times when my mind is completely barren of creative ideas but then when I do have inspiration, well, it all decides to come rushing in at once… at the most inconvienient of moments. Usually when I’m washing my hair, out on a run or when I am trying to fall asleep.

Then I worry that I am going to forget all my (I like to think) ‘brilliant’ ideas if I don’t do something about them as soon as they pop into my head. I get completely overwhelmed with it all and have to find a way to remember it ASAP. I’m sure I am not the only one too.

It’s for this reason that I have begun implementing a few little techniques to make sure no light bulb moment is left forgotten. Here are some of my tips for those moments when inspiration strikes.

1.  Write It Down: Invest in a notebook. One you can easily carry around. A pretty pink one if that gets you excited. Maybe even purchase a matching pen while you’re at it. I mean, who doesn’t love stationary?! Seriously though, get yourself a journal and keep it close by all day, every day. I have started keeping a notebook and pen by my bed so I that when I’m meant to be drifting off to dream land but get bombarded with thoughts instead, I can jot them down straight away. I try to chuck it in my bag and carry it around with me wherever I go. There is something beautifully therapeutic about writing in journal that I just love.


2. Use Your Phone: If you don’t have a pen and paper close by or you’re just not the ‘write it down’ type use your phone instead. Writing; physically putting pen to paper isn’t everyone’s thing so that’s when our handy dandy mobile phone device comes in to play. Oh iPhone what would we do without you! In this digital age it’s likely that you almost always have your phone within reach which makes it the perfect back up plan if you don’t have a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper available. Next time inspiration strikes open up your ‘notes’ app and type it all in. I literally have so many ideas, thoughts, future half-written blog posts and workouts etc in my notes it’s basically inspiration gold in there! 😛


3. Record It: Here’s another one for the tech users and lovers. Get yourself a dictaphone or hand-held voice recording device and start carrying it around with you. Next time you have one of those light bulb moments simply relay your thoughts so you can listen to them back later and see if they really were worth recording. There is even a ‘Voice Memo’ app that comes standard on all iPhones you could utilize.

4. Make A Connection: You are driving to work or in the middle of your last set of squats, so you can’t really just whip out your journal or phone to jot down your big inspirational idea. Of course, you don’t want to forget about this amazing brainwave, so what can you do? Make a connection with something in that moment to your thought/idea/inspiration. It could be a thing or something you are doing, but take note of it and your mind will later use it as a trigger to remind you of your brilliant brainwave. It’s kind of like, when you forget what you were about to do so you retrace your steps back to where you last were and BAM you remember again!

Try implementing some of these tips and next time inspiration strikes at a terribly inconvenient time you will have it covered.

Love Elo xx