Lifting Weights, Mind Control and Inner Beauty

To lift or not to lift? That is the question. Remember when Eloise wrote that great little post encouraging women to let go of their fears about weight training? Well shortly after, we came across this article telling us 10 reasons why women shouldn’t lift weights. Say what? You decide.


We know the mind is an amazingly powerful thing. It controls everything we think, feel and do. Therefore learning to control our mind is important. This is quite a intricate read but still worth checking out. We especially like number 3.

Beautiful or hot? How would you prefer to be described?  If you didn’t already say beautiful, you certainly will after this. Beauty really does radiate from within. A pretty soul is better than a pretty face. Absolutely loved reading this one.

Have you seen any awesome things online this week that you think we should share? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

Happy Reading!

Love Jess and Elo xx





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