Loving Our Bodies – The Latest & Best Content on Women’s Body Image

In the spirit of Eloise’s body image blog post from earlier this week, we thought we would bring you a Body Image Round Up. By the time you are done with this blog post, you will love yourself so much you will need to get a room.

  • Every woman should watch this video. Taryn Brumfitt, is an Aussie woman setting out to change the way women think and feel about their bodies. We need to stop the self-hate, negative self-talk and the continuous pressure we put on ourselves to be ‘perfect’ and start embracing and loving our bodies instead. Check out Brumfitt’s goal to help women learn to embrace their bodies.
Taryn Brumfitt in the image that went viral.

Taryn Brumfitt in the image that went viral.

  • Short, tall, curvy, thin; we are all ‘real’ women, regardless of size, statue, age or ethnicity. Sick of the ‘real’ woman label? Sarah Wills from Pearls of Willsdom sure is and we don’t blame her. Check out Sarah’s blog post  on this topic.
  • And then there is this….


Ladies, we are all real. The perfection is in the imperfection. As long as we are healthy we can be happy.

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Love Jess +Elo x