Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

glass-half-fullEvery now and then, it’s important to check in with ourselves and make sure our attitude is alined correctly. We all like to think of ourselves as happy, positive people but actions speak louder than words. For some of us, optimism is a natural state of being, while others need to consciously work on maintaining a positive outlook.

Not that I am saying it is wrong to be the kind of person who thinks in the negative. We are all different. Whether we see the glass as being half full or half empty, it’s still the same amount of liquid. What matters most is how our attitudes can impact our lives. How you think, whether is be positive or negative, can have a wide spread effect on everything you touch, from the people you attract into your life, to the opportunities presented to you and most importantly, your own inner happiness and peace.


Are you currently flying the flag for all things optimism and positivity?

Or are you looking at all the negatives and expecting the worst?

Someone crashes into the back of your car. Do you complain about costs, insurance, how stupid the other person is?


As you tackle the inconveniences of the crash, do you remind yourself how lucky you were that no one was injured?

Do you moan that after you pay all your bills and buy your groceries, there is no cash left for spending on fun?


Are you happy that you had enough money to cover all the most important living expenses?

Do you dread heading into work? Do you fantasise about all the better things your could be doing and count down the clock till it’s home time?


Are you grateful you are one of the lucky ones who has a job to wake up to? Are you thankful that you have a source of income and can be self reliant?

 Are you constantly comparing your body and your looks to everyone around you? 


Do appreciate your body for for how healthy it is and all it does for you? 

Are you always complaining about how you just don’t have enough time and your just too busy?


Do you give thanks for the fact that you have such an abundance of activity in your life to keep you active and social? 

You get the idea. Take a moment to contemplate your attitude towards life. You might say you are a positive person but do your thoughts and actions really prove you right?

Stay positive!

Love Jess x