Go Nuts For Soap Nuts!

washing on th line

Picture this, you have just shelled out $300 on some seriously luxurious organic bamboo cotton sheets and your feel just so ‘eco’ right now. I mean they are organic sheets so they are practically saving the planet and your health simultaneously That $300 was a totally justified spend.

Then you pop them in the wash without a second thought. All that organic goodness you just paid a small fortune for, has just been undone with one small cup full of chemical laden laundry detergent.

It’s a commonly made mistake but it’s not the end of the world. Although, it is kind of annoying when you realize that any organic bedding, towels, clothing, baby toys etc, that you have purchased with the best of intentions, have all had the benefits washed right out of them.

If you are keen to keep your fabrics as natural as possible, there are a few different detergent options you can try. The obvious choices are off the shelf organic detergents or whipping up some your own mixes with natural ingredients. A really interesting option though, is Soap Nuts.

1soapWhat are Soap Nuts?

Soap Nuts grow on a variety of trees, the most common ones being Sapindus mukorossi and Sapindus trifoliatus. When fruit from the tree ripens and falls to the ground, the shell of the fruit is harvested for it’s soapy qualities.

How do Soap Nuts work?

It’s the natural occurring ‘saponins’ in the fruits shell that create soapy lathers when mixed with water. These shells are what are referred to as Soap Nuts. The nuts can be used to wash just about anything and everything. You just throw a small handful in your machine with each load.

What are the benefits of Soap Nuts?

They are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and extremely economical. Soap Nuts trees can be harvested for up to 90 years, which means there a lot of clean air they are also producing for us.

Where can you buy Soap Nuts?

You can find them in some supermarkets and health food stores but the are much more easily found online. We recommend Sindhiya SoapNuts because of their upstanding fair trade and eco-friendly company policies.

So if someone says to you “laundry soap doesn’t just grow on trees, you know”, you can tell them that actually it does. Soap Nuts are a great way to keep $300 organic bed sheets in tip top condition. Love Jess x

Love Jess x



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