Raw Food With Attitude

What do you do when your sister stuffs up your registrations for Stampede and you can no longer join in on the mud-filled fun? Take a long drive to Fremantle and get a delicious feed at The Raw Kitchen instead!

Not quite the same as the action-packed 10km obstacle course we had prepared ourselves for on our Saturday off, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

So basically, Jess and I had signed up to get down and dirty, commando crawl through mud, and shocked by electrocuted barbs (sounds fun doesn’t it?!) at Stampede this weekend, but unfortunately a little technical error (cough, Jess, cough) put an end to that idea.

Seeming it was meant to be part of my early birthday present, plus I had taken the day off work for it, Jess suggested we do lunch instead. So I suggested we smash the gym in the morning then head to The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle afterwards.

I had visited Raw Kitchen for lunch with a girlfriend a couple of weeks prior and had such a incredible culinary experience. We both loved it so much that I was eager to go again and of course to introduce Jess to its amazingness.

However, our experience this time was less pleasant than when I had lunch with my friend just two weeks ago, which is always disappointing, especially when you are taking someone new there after having talked it up so much. Do not get me wrong, it wasn’t the food that was the let down. It was the service. The lady who greeted and seated us, was very cold and didn’t smile, not even once during our entire interaction. Every staff member who came to our table from then on was equally as hostile.

Maybe it was because it was a Saturday instead of mid-week? Maybe it was because they were busy? I don’t know. But either way, the unfriendliness definitely tainted what was otherwise a great lunch date.

Other than that, the food was awesome… some might even say RAWsome! (see what I did there?). With so many mouth-watering options to choose from, we struggled over the menu for a while before finally deciding on the Raw Pumpkin Pizza and Raw Pad Thai. We shared the two dishes, so we each got a taste of them.

image (2)   image (4)

Both dishes came out looking pretty dam tasty but it wasn’t until we dug in for our first mouthful that we were wowed by the big flavour punch. The Pad Thai, made with zucchini noodles (zoodles if you may), was so rich in flavour, with delicious fresh herbs like coriander and kaffir lime leaf. The pizza, on buckwheat pastry base tasted of rich tomato paste and fresh basil pesto along with the sweetness of the roasted pumpkin. Seriously amazing! Both Jess and I found ourselves going from one dish to another thinking ‘I don’t know which one is better?’

I also ordered a cheeky raw dessert. Choosing from the raw dessert cabinet is quite a daunting experience. Not only because none of the items have labels on them to indicate what the heck you would be ordering, but there are so many decadent looking desserts that it made it very difficult to decide. I ended up going for the Turkish Delight slice, which was yummy but insanely sweet. I think I had two bites before I asked one of the grumpy staff to put it in a takeaway container for me to take home. (It’s still in my fridge – its a one small bite at a time kind of dessert, its that dang rich).

Raw Turkish Delight Slice

Raw Turkish Delight Slice

So to break it down… this is what I thought about The Raw Kitchen

The Good Bits

  • Delicious menu choices – to the point that we found it difficult to choose which of the many scrumptious sounding raw masterpieces we would like to order.
  • The food was amazing! Incredibly tasty and full of flavour. Don’t let the idea of healthy, dairy-free, gluten-free, ‘raw’ food put you off. The food here is consistently satisfying and delicious. The servings are very generous too so you definitely won’t leave feeling hungry.
  • Quick food service. Our food arrived out our table max 10 minutes after we ordered – but I guess you would expect this from a raw restaurant when none of the food needs to be cooked.
  • Cool atmosphere and décor. It’s just one of those places you want to sit down, take it all in and share a leisurely long lunch with friends.

The Not-so-good Bits

  • Not so friendly staff. I don’t think we actually saw even one of them smile the whole time we were there. Not when we were seated, not when we ordered, not when we left. Jess actually described them as ‘a bit wanky’ – you know, the sort of people who have the aura of pretentiousness around them, with the belief that they are better than everyone. Yeh, that’s the vibe the hipster staff at Raw give off.

The Final Verdict

If you want a healthy, tasty meal packed full of amazing flavour and nourishing ingredients in a restaurant with an awesome, retro, warehouse-like décor and chilled atmosphere, but don’t really mind about unfriendly service, then check it out! Despite the pretentious staff who clearly have never heard of the term ‘service with a smile’ it is well worth a visit. The service itself was still very quick but it just wasn’t accompanied with a friendly face. Even if you are a meat-lover, dairy-lover or generally not into the idea of ‘raw’ foods, check The Raw Kitchen out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about how satisfyingly tasty healthy food can be. These meals are big in size, big on taste and big on flavour! Highly recommend. Let us know if you try it out and what your experience was like!

Elo xx

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  1. What a great post!! That’s so unfortunate about missing out on the 10km run but I guess sometimes things happen for a reason and it’s best to make up for it by doing something fun (like you did) rather than cry about it! I definitely want to check out that restaurant now, I may go mid-week to hopefully get better service though haha 🙂

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