Give Yourself The Gift Of Sugar Free Living

The radiant face below belongs to Sarah Wilson of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ books. Last year both Eloise and I gave her 8-week quitting sugar program a go. We are massive advocates of living with a sugar-free (or low fructose) diet. You may even remember us talking about it on One Active Life before.

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I personally came to quit sugar because I desperately wanted to free myself from my unhealthy binge cycles. A block of chocolate in my house didn’t last a day before Sarah Wilson came along.

The results where what I was hoping for and more. The cravings went away along with the bingeing but as an added bonus I also lost 5kgs. I found myself feeling less irritated and grumpy as my mood stabilised and I stopped experiencing energy crashes in the afternoon. Life without sugar is just better.


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Above is just one of the delicious recipes in the ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbook. It was the first one that I tried.


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Sarah provides a healthy and sensible approach to nutrition. It’s how we should all live and eat. No crap just wholesome goodness that nourishes and enhances day to day living. Grandma would approve.

Like us, Sarah is from Australia. Her printed books have been bestsellers and her latest release ‘I Quit Sugar For Life’ is part of our TOP 10 bestseller list at the bookstore we work at. We know we have a lot of followers from the US and Sarah hasn’t forgotten about you. She has just released an American edition just for you.chocClick here to see the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook – DIGITAL


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I really could bang on and on about how much I love what Sarah Wilson’s books have done for me. Rather than raving madly to myself, I’d love to open up a discussion. Share with us your own experiences with or without sugar and feel free to ask any question to Eloise or myself if you are unsure about the whole thing. Feel free to comment below or comment on our Facebook thread.

Love Jess x

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