Wake Up and Workout

You may remember a post I wrote a couple of months ago on the reasons why I love morning exercise. Well I’m back on the bandwagon.slika-morning-workout-the-best

To be honest, it’s actually been a while since I have religiously committed myself to the whole ‘waking-up-with-the-sun morning cardio’ thing but I am currently getting back into the swing of it. I woke up early (like, 5am early) almost every day last week to exercise and it was great!  I am definitely jumping back onboard the ‘I love waking up early and exercising’ train.

This prompted me to ask, why the heck is morning exercise so good?’

Obviously I know my own personal reasons for the little love affair I have developed for morning workouts, like the energy boost it gives me, the happy endorphins it releases and its head-clearing abilities, but surely there’s some sort of scientific evidence to prove its benefits too? Surely.

Well, turns out there is. I did a little research to discover more about morning workouts and why they are so awesome. This is some of the stuff I found out

Reasons to love morning exercise

1. Morning workouts burn more calories! Say what? Yep that’s right, exercising first thing in the morning kick-starts your metabolism, helping to keep it elevated throughout the day – the higher your metabolism, the more calories your body burns.

2. It can improve the quality of your sleep. Regular physical activity generally means a better quality of sleep because you have exerted more energy.  In fact, research has shown that people who wake up early for regular exercise, sleep better than those who routinely exercise in the evening. Why? Because exercise stimulates your body therefore, when you exercise at night, it becomes more difficult to fully relax. A good night’s sleep also helps with muscle recovery, as well as aids weightloss. So many reasons to love sleep!

3. Exercise boosts your brain power. Studies have shown that exercising, significantly increases your mental acuity and awareness. This exercise-induced intellect boost can last between 4 to 10 hours post your workout. So obviously if you want to utilise this extra brainpower you should workout in the morning, otherwise your heightened I.Q would just be wasted in dreamland while you are asleep.

4. You are less likely to over-eat. Not only does starting your day with exercise put you in a healthy mindset for the day ahead, but many people find that it reduces their appetite. You’ll be more likely to make healthy food choices if you start your day with activity. Think about it, you’ll be so proud of yourself for busting out a workout at the start of your day that you won’t want to undo the hard work by eating unhealthily.

5. It improves your productivity. Along with more mental clarity, exercising gives you a natural energy boost which increases your productivity throughout the day.  Yay for endorphins!

6. You’ll exercise more often. Those who exercise in the morning are more consistent exercisers than those who exercise later in the day. Our bodies love routine. If you force yourself to get up when your alarm goes off, your body will thank you and pay you back by feeling rested and ready for the day.

7. Exercise regulates your hormones and body clock. When you exercise at about the same time every morning your body’s endocrine (hormones) system and circadian rhythms becomes regulated. As your body learns that you do the same thing every day,  it begins to prepare for waking and exercise several hours before you actually open your eyes. Crazy huh? This means you’ll find it less painful to wake up early and may even find your natural body clock wakes you up anyway. Your hormones also prepare your body for exercise by regulating blood pressure, heart rate, blood flow to muscles, etc and as a result, you’ll feel more alert, energized, and ready to exercise when you do wake up. Amazing!

See, there are so many reasons to love morning exercise. Go on, give it a go. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Love Elo xx