Keep Calm, It’s a Long Weekend


Happy Easter Long Weekend everybody!!! We have a few little Easter treats for you… this is what we have loved online this week.

Are you a bit of a worry-wart? Do you often notice yourself stressing over the smallest things and making them a much bigger deal than they really ought to be. Well firstly, it’s a long weekend so chill out! And secondly, if you are guilty of worrying a little too much, check out this article about how NOT to worry!

Because I’m happppyyy! You’ve all heard the song right? The one that just makes us want to smile and dance around the room beaming with positive energy? Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ has that effect on people. It was number 1 on the iTunes charts for something ridiculous like 16 weeks! Even still, the success of his song didn’t really seem to hit home for Pharrell until this…

One amazing man devoted 20 years of his life to painting a mountain of love in California. By a ‘mountain of love’ I literally mean he painted a mountain dedicated to love. Not a canvas painting – a mountain. One film maker captured his masterpiece for all to enjoy. Of course, the beauty that lies within his heart far surpasses the beauty he has managed to create.

And with that, we would like to wish you all a happy and enjoyable long weekend. Even if you don’t have the whole weekend off, take some time out for yourself to relax.

Happy Easter!

Love Jess and Elo xx