A Little Bit of Friday Fun


Everyone needs a little bit of joy in their lives. A good ole laugh every now and then. Whether you’ve had a great week, a horrible week or just a plain old mediocre week, there is no harm in having something to make you smile one of those wide-brimmed genuine smiles.

Thats why today the theme for the blog is all about FUN. At some point throughout this week, all of these little links have brightened our day in one way or another.

Do you know your body odour will change depending on whether you are stressed or happy? Check out these weird and wonderful facts on happiness.

Oh the Majestic Dog. This is pure gold. We dare you not to laugh out loud at one or all of these hilarious images. Too funny.

Summer is on it’s way out here in Australia. Let’s spare a thought for out northern hemisphere sisters who are currently experiencing the 72 Thoughts Every Lady Has While Trying On Swimsuits.

Peace out. Have a fun weekend everyone!

Love Jess & Elo xx


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