Change is Opportunity


They say change is as good as a holiday. If that is so, why do we find the idea of it so damn scary?

Humans are creatures of comfort. We like routine by nature. We do not like being forced to step outside of our comfort zone. We like the predictable. We like routine. We like knowing exactly what to expect each day.

Whether it is in our relationships, home life, career or even our fitness regime, taking a leap from the known to the unknown can be seriously daunting. For most of us, embracing change means risking failure. It means leaving the warm, fuzzy, protective box we have created for ourselves and exposing ourselves to vulnerability.

But how can we expect to learn more about ourselves and even better find out what we are capable of if we never take a risk?

As the saying goes “life begins outside of our comfort zone”. Embracing the opportunity for change in one or more aspects of our life could be the very thing we need to dig ourselves out of a life rut. We shouldn’t be afraid of change. We should be excited by it. We should embrace it.

I’ll be the first to admit change scares me. I am 100% a comfort zone kind of person. I guess that is why I have been in the same job for over 6 years and a member of the same gym for about 4 years. I love routine (especially when it comes to my fitness regimes). It keeps me sane. But to be honest, lately I have been craving change. I need more excitement in my life. I don’t know in what aspect…but I’m feeling ready for life to throw me a new challenge. So come on universe… bring it on! But seriously…

Change keeps life exciting. Change is Opportunity.

Change is especially important if you are stuck in a rut. I see people stay in long term relationships that no longer make them happy, because they are too scared to face a life that is foreign to them. They are fearful to leave behind everything they know and start fresh all on their own, even though they would be better off for doing so.

That little leap of faith could be the best decision you ever make. There is no point continuing along a path that no longer serves you, gives you purpose or makes you happy.

You may know exactly what is that needs to change in your life, or you could be like me and still trying to figure it out. Either way, my advice to you is just take that risk! It will feel weird. It’ll be uncomfortable for a while. But like with anything new, eventually you will find your grounding and get used it. The change could be exactly what you need to ignite a new passion in your life and open up endless possibilities.

And hey, it’s cheaper than booking a holiday!

Love Elo xx

3 thoughts on “Change is Opportunity

  1. Such an inspirational article with a great message. Change can be scary. Our bodies are programmed for routine, many of us get stuck in our old ways, old habits. You make a great point, change does bring opportunity. You’re capable of doing great things, so be great!

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