Be The Kind of Person You Want to Meet

Have you ever met someone and instantly thought to yourself “I want to be friends with this person”? You know, the sort of person who seems to have an aura of happiness and joy surrounding them. The type of individual who just seems so content with life, themselves and the path they are following – so at ease and bursting with positive energy.

I have.

Have you ever met someone whom, within mere minutes, you have an instant connection with? Someone who just ‘gets you’ and understands your way of thinking. You know, the sort of person who knows what it is you are trying to express even if you cannot articulate it. The type of individual who you can talk to about anything and they just get it – so in sync with your mentality and approach to life.

I have.

Have you ever met someone who despite, knowing you will never see them again, manages to leave a lasting impression on you? You know, the sort of person, who just walks into your life at a specific moment, flips your day from bad to good and changes your whole attitude. The type of individual who can fill your day with love and happiness in such a short moment.

I have and it was just last week.


Her name was Dorothy and she made my day. 83-years-young and a truly beautiful soul.

On an otherwise, average day at work, during a far less-than-average week, I met this amazing woman who, might I add was shopping for a Windows 8.1 for Dummies because her Windows 7 was getting a bit old (I know right! She was actually more tech-savvy than my middle-aged father and knew more about computers than me!), which in itself was impressive enough.

Not only was she up-to-date with technology, she was young at heart too. Never would I have expected to engage in such a raw, empathetic conversation with someone 50 years my senior.

I don’t exactly know how Dorothy and I somehow digressed from discussing Dummies books into a more ‘what is the meaning of life’ type conversation, but I am glad we did. After speaking with Dorothy I was filled me with an overwhelming amount of inspiration, joy and love. At one point she had me in tears with the beautiful words she was saying. She had one of the most positive, happy attitudes of any person I have ever met. I just wanted to give her a big hug and adopt her as my grandmother.

I couldn’t believe how much we had in common in terms of our way of thinking. We talked about happiness and how we are in control of our own feelings. We talked about difficult situations and how life is only hard if you let it be hard. We talked about gratitude and how important it is to be thankful for the things we do have rather than dwelling on the things we don’t. We talked about positive thinking and how our feelings are a product of our own thoughts.

At one point Dorothy even said to me “It’s so nice to find someone who thinks the same. People think we are crazy when we talk about this, you know?”. My reply… a very enthusiastic ‘I KNOW!!!”. Some people just don’t get the whole ‘positive attitude, positive thinking’ mentality. Both Jess and I are huge believers in the law of attraction – what thoughts you put out into the universe, you will attract back into your life. Aka; we are a product of our own thoughts. Therefore positive thoughts, positive outcome. Negative thoughts, negative outcome. But before I get a little bit too carried and you all start to think I am crazy as well, I’ll just say, it was so lovely to find another person who had this same mentality.

Although this post is inspired by Dorothy, it is also about being kind and loving. It’s about aiming to be the kind of person you wish to meet. Those special kind of people who radiate positivity, always have a smile on their face, do all things with love and bring happiness and joy to the people surrounding them. Be that kind of person! Don’t just wait to meet them, let others meet you!

This is the kind of person we should all try to be. The kind of person who lights up a room with a positive energy and happy smiling face. There is too much negativity, anger and sadness in this world. Why add to it, when you could be part of the happiness revolution? Exude beauty from within because that is where true beauty lays.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know YOU could be someone else’s Dorothy? You could make someone else’s day just by being you!

Start by doing all things with love.

Love Elo xx

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  1. AHHHH, I LOVE THIS!!!! I totally get it and love when you meet people that inspire you and understand you and that are so sweet and kind!!! Amaaaazing post! đŸ˜‰

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