Super Interesting Things We Are Into This Week

This is the MOST inspirational video you will EVER see! Are you familiar with the quote “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful”? Well, those powerful words become even more powerful when you see this motivational speech by Eric Thomas in full. If you are feeling low. Watch this. If you are feeling defeated. Watch it. If you are feel like its all too hard and you are ready to give up. Watch this video to feel inspired and ready to conquer your goals all over again. It truly gives you perspective.

We love sneaky excercise. This article lists 30 different ways to slip some extra calorie burning into your everyday activities.

How do all these no makeup selfies really make us feel? Do we really see ourselves the way everyone else does? We found the results of this study rather surprising.

Ever wish an expert would tell you if the treadmill is better than running outdoors? Or is using your own body weight more affective than weighted gym machines? Me too. Oh look, here is an expert to give us all the answers.

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