What To Do With Your Old Workout Clothes

nike pinThe best and worst thing about weight loss is when you notice your clothes have become baggier than usual. When it comes to work out clothes, saggy baggy fit is a pain in the bum and more importantly it can affect your performance. Buying a new wardrobe is one thing, but what do you do with all the stuff that no longer fits?

The answer is GET RID OF IT. You’ve work hard for the weight loss so there is no reason to keep the old you folded away in your wardrobe. Storing that stuff there just keeps a window open in your mind that you may possibly revert to the old you in the future. Don’t allow that from yourself. Burn that bridge and continue on your healthy way.

The idea of tossing perfectly fine active wear in the bin is enough to give any fitness fanatic a panic attack. I’m not saying send them to the tip. That would be such a waste! Here are some ideas for those gym clothes that have become too big for you.

Trade Them

Host a clothes swap party with your friends, work colleagues and of course your gym buddies. Ask everyone to bring any clothes they no longer like, want or fit into and swap away.

Take advantage of great initiatives like Lorna Jane’s Swap Shop. For every 3 pieces of washed and wearable active wear you take into a Lorna Jane store, they will give you a $15 voucher to use. You can trade any brand of clothing and everything you give is donated to The Salvation Army.

Sell Them

Have a garage sale or take them to a swap meet. Online market places like Ebay or Gumtree make selling easy and you will reach a much larger number of potential buyers.

Tailor Them

Got something you truly love that you just don’t want to part with? Take it to a tailor to see if it is worthwhile being taken in. A $90 pair of yoga pants may fit perfectly again after a little nip and tuck. Just make sure that your tailor is handy with lycra. This option will only work with certain fabrics and items.

Donate Them

Get a nice warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that your old clothes will be helping a good cause. Some great charities that make donating easy are Good Sammy’s, The Red Cross and Vinnies.

Now with all that extra space in your wardrobe, there is so much room for fresh, new workout gear!

Love Jess x