We Made A List of Awesome Health & Fitness Links For You….

There is no shortage of cool stuff for you to check out this Friday.
  • Here is an incredible story of determination and persistance. We dare you to not feel motivated after watching it.

  • Are you a coffee addict? (Like us). Are you trying to quit your habit of having one, two, sometimes even three coffees a day but think you could not possible sustain life if you were to do so? We feel ya! Well, the I Quit Sugar (IQS) team have you covered. They’ve come up with a list of 9 drinks that wake you up better than coffee.
  • Want amazing abs? Duh! Who doesn’t? One Active Life friend and Strength and Conditioning coach, Jordan Glossop from Tuff Team, has put together his Top 10 Tips for Shredded Abs. This guy knows his stuff. Check out his Facebook page to see these tips plus heaps more motivation , fitsporation and information about training with the TUFF Team.
  • And here is a throwback to one of our older posts. I wonder what it’s about? Take a lucky dip.

That’s a wrap for this week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Remember, make the time to be active!

Jess + Elo xx


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