What a Post-Pregnancy Body REALLY Looks Like

How do you feel when you see these photos?


Your emotional reaction will depend entirely on your own personal life experiences. Here is how I felt….


Thankful to Healthymomx3 for showing the truth about what some of us hide underneath our clothes.

Thankful that I’m not the only one with post-baby stretch marks and sagging skin.

And, if I’m being completely honest….

Thankful that my own stretch marks aren’t so extreme.

I’m not the only woman who would look at these pictures and feel the same way. I’m sure there are many of you out there thinking, ‘Yes! Think is how I look too.’ I too have that wrinkled effect around my belly button and lower. As I continue to get fitter, stronger and leaner the skin gets looser and wrinklier. It’s an unfair but inevitable side effect to pregnancy and weightloss for many women.

I know my saggy, baggy tummy is not the be all and end all of my worth but that doesn’t mean I have been able to mentally embrace it. I will however physically poke it, pull it, try and tuck it to the side and imagine what it was be like if it wasn’t there. I can even fold it and one day I may be able to make origami art out of it.

But seriously, what I am dealing with is the tiniest fraction of what Healthymomx3 shows in her photos. And yet, as it stands, I don’t have the confidence to show my body to 50 000 Instagram followers the way she has. I’m still on that road to self acceptance. To completely misquote Julia Roberts in Love Actually:

“I am just a girl, standing in front of a mirror,

asking me to love myself.”

And to be fair, 90% of the time I don’t care about the saggy, baggy, wrinkles. It’s just every now and again that I struggle to accept my usual reasoning that it’s just skin and it represents that I have created life. It’s a badge of honour. It’s a markings of the miracle that has taken place…blah, blah, blah. It’s that extra 10% of the time that I just want abs like Jennifer Aniston damn it! Is that so much to ask?!


Just as I am about to enter a downward spiral of negativity and Jennifer Anniston related tantrums a photo like this comes along and reminds me to GET OVER IT! I’m not alone. WE are not alone. It’s just how it is.

So thank you Healthymomx3, for showing weightloss and post-baby body for what it can really be. Thanks for the reality check and thanks for inspiration.

Now let’s go workout.

Jess xx

photo credit – instagram.com/healthymomx3

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