Stay Motivated On Your Health Journey With Incentives and Rewards


Great work and effort deserves a pay off. When it comes to exercise, the ultimate in pay off’s is health in all it’s forms. Increased vitality, positive mental state and longer life are the top 3 prizes. You can score all 3 of these trophies with dedication and persistence.

Some people can work towards a long term goal for months or years with nothing but the hope or knowledge that at the end will lay the reward. For most of us though, a bit more incentive is require along the way. This is where rewards for short term goals can come in to play.

We are not talking about having a slice of mud-cake because you did 10 sit-ups. The rewards must be proportionate to your efforts and/or results. You don’t really deserve a 5 night holiday in Bali because you went for 3 runs but likewise, if you achieved your goal of running 10k, a new coffee mug to use in the office might not be enough to motivate you. Keep it sensible but keep it to what will work for you.

Here are some fun ways to incentivise and reward yourself for all your sweaty gym sessions:

– A mani-pedi for achieving that new yoga position. Next time you are in downward dog you can admire those perfectly polished toes.

– A new issue of your favourite health mag because you hit a new personal best on the treadmill.

– Finally ran 2k without stopping? Reward yourself with some pumping new iTunes downloads to help you reach the 3k mark.

A good reward will motivate you to reach your goal but a GREAT reward will also inspire you to keep moving forward.

What if you can’t trust yourself to not just give up and reach straight for the trophy before you have actually earned it? Well, you are only cheating yourself, but it’s not like I haven’t done exactly the same thing in the past. So try this: involve a friend in your goal. Say you want to complete your first ever fun run and your reward will be those cute new running shorts from your favourite active label. Do you get that feeling you can’t trust yourself to commit to the fun run and you will just go buy the shorts anyway? Ok then, go shopping with your friend, buy the shorts and hand them straight over to your friend who will dutifully keep them locked away until you cross the finish line at that fun run.

Everybody is motivated by something different. What works for some won’t work for others, so it’s important to make sure you really want whatever the prize is that you will give yourself. Make it work for you.

Love Jess xx

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