Procrastination – I Will Think Of A Better Title Tomorrow

procrastinatingThis is a story of a girl who procrastinated. A fable, if you will, with a message to get off your ass and get s**t done.

Once lived a girl named Jess (that’s me and I am still alive, so don’t panic). Jess was an expert in procrastinating. She would leave boring but important chores till the last minute and do just about anything else with her time instead.

One day (about 2 weeks ago), Jessica dropped her iPhone. SPLAT! Face down on the floor it went. When she retrieved the phone from the dirty floor (we all understand by now that Jessica avoids boring jobs, right? ie vacuuming and mopping), the phone was kaput. The touch screen, it no longer worked and so now, Jessica had accidentally created a boring but important job for herself to sort out – fixing the iPhone.

One week went by and Jessica had not seen to getting her iPhone repaired. Life was hard without her iPhone but for some reason, the process of getting it fixed seemed even harder. So Jessica got by with Facebook and email to contact people. She was making life irritating for herself and everyone else but still, she didn’t get her phone fixed.

Two weeks went by and the iPhone was still not fixed. She knew she had to get it done. She could have done something about it by now but instead she thought, “It’s cool. I have a day off coming up so I’ll do it then.”

Jessica couldn’t wait for her day off. It would be the first day that her little Superboy would be at kindy for 6 hours and she wouldn’t have to work. Oh, the things she would be able to do in that time! Child free things. Fun things! Oh wait, except for that iPhone thing. That was boring but important.

Her day off arrived (today). It was here and it was going to be beautiful. She dropped Superboy at kindy and headed to the phone shop where she spent 2 hours. 2 HOURS! They sent her home without her phone and in it’s place a hope and a wish that in 10 days she would have a new phone. Ugh.

Never mind, now she would go home and enjoy the rest of her day off……

Um, why won’t the garage door open? The appliances aren’t working. THE WIFI SIGNAL IS GONE! It’s a blackout and it’s across the whole suburb. Ah, crap.

Nicely done universe. Nicely done. If she hadn’t spent 2 weeks procrastinating she would already have a new phone by now. She could have used the wifi on the phone to contact friends to do fun and exciting things. Likewise, if she hadn’t let the laundry pile up, she wouldn’t have ended up stressing about how she can clean her work clothes ready for tomorrow, without the washing machine. She also could have posted her blog post on time and not late (as this post will now inevitably be).

Jessica knows she can always count on universal karma to steer her where she needs to go. So, listening to the very loud cue from the universe, Jessica decided to step back and look at what other boring but important chores she had been avoiding. The pruning, email replys, mopping…..ugh, so boring.

This story ends with me, about to finish typing up this post and about to go do a boring but important job. Why? Because this iPhone lesson has reminded me that I should waste less time thinking about doing things and spend more time actually doing them. If I don’t take care of things that need to be looked after I may end up with even less to take care of. If I don’t prune the plants they will overgrow and brown off. If I don’t reply to emails I will lose connections and friends. If don’t clean my house, one day I might not be so lucky to have such a nice house to clean.

I have been procrastinating a lot lately so there is a lot to catch up on. Boring but important things to catch up on. Let’s just say it’s a really good thing that my wifi isn’t working right now….

Jess xx

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