Stop the Self-sabotage

So you set yourself some goals. You hatched a plan of attack. You decided this year would be different. That this year you would achieve everything you wanted. You would start living a healthy lifestyle. You’d stop eating crap. You’d start exercising. You’d make the changes and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. So why isn’t it happening?

Want to know why. Because you aren’t making it happen! Sorry, but that’s the harsh reality.

You have to ask yourself, are you really committed to your goals? Are you really putting in every effort to make the changes? Are you resisting the temptations life throws at you or have you reverted back to your old habits of eating a burger and chips for lunch? Have you started exercising like you pledged you would? Even the 30-minutes of daily activity that you promised yourself? Or have you just settled back into your, old, comfortable (but ironically, uncomfortable), routine?


It’s time for me to hand out a little dose of tough love here – and make no mistake, I’m dishing myself up a serving too.


When you give in temptation.  When you make unhealthy food choices. When you don’t push yourself to your full capacity in your workout. When you go back for a second serving of dinner. When you skip a gym sesh… the only person you are cheating is yourself.

I have to admit, this post is coming from a moment of frustration and also refers back to number 2 on our 14 pet hates of fit people post.

I co-worker came to me at the start of this year with a goal to ditch her unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle for a more active life. She asked me to be her ‘accountability person’. I was truly humbled and completely honoured that she had asked me to do this for her. It meant so much to me – to know that I was an inspiration to someone and that she views me as someone who represents a healthy, balanced life.

I asked her to think about what exactly she wanted to change/achieve and come back to me with a list of her goals. In my role as her ‘accountability person’ I check in with her every couple of days to see how she is going, to make sure she is staying on track, give her tips and to keep her motivated.

She was doing well, making an effort and I was honestly super proud of her for some of the changes she had made to her very unhealthy habits. But that was only at the start. I can see now that she is giving up. When I ask her how she is going, I sense a little bit of dishonesty in her response. I feel like she has just put the whole living a healthy life thing in the too-hard basket and reverting back to her old ways.

I’m doing my best to keep her motivated and remind her why she made these goals, why it’ll be worth it and why she needs to stay focused. But look, there’s only so much I can do. I can provide the knowledge, be accountable, check-in with her progress, motivate and inspire her, but she has to meet me half way.

And let this be a lesson to us all…

There’s only so much someone else can do. The rest is up to us. In fact, ultimately it is ALL up to ourselves! Sure, we may need the advice and inspiration to get us heading in the right direction but at the end of the day, it is your life, your choices and your responsibility to follow through with the actions.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Stop cheating yourself. Stop sabotaging yourself from achieving your goals. Do what it necessary. It will be hard. You will have to say no to temptations. You will have to make difficult choices. You will have to drag yourself out of bed and off to the gym when you really don’t want to. But I promise you, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Elo xx


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