Take A Jump

Did someone just say ‘giant Stonehenge bouncy castle’? Does such genius actually exist? Yes, and it’s visiting our home town.


This amazing structure, named ‘Sacrilege’, comes from the magical mind of Jeremy Deller and is currently featuring as part of the Perth International Arts Fesitival. Eloise and I donned our best bouncy castle attire and headed on down to Supreme Court Gardens last night to get our jump on.

“Deller…offers the access to Stonehenge that English Heritage denies – with added bounce.” – The Guardian


Bouncing on this baby is harder than it looks. You really need to activate those leg muscles in order to get good height. Our calves where certainly awake after 10 minutes of hopping, skipping and jumping. May we suggest a running race from one inflated boulder to the next? That extra air time made us feel like gazelles in space.


Life just isn’t complete till you have bounded across a blow up historical monument. It’s good, clean family fun. Head on down with your friends and kids but don’t forget the camera. There will be some seriously great Instagram-able moments to capture.


A couple of tips if your planning on getting bouncy. Take socks and lots and lots of water. You can jump in bare feet but socks will protect you from the heat of the tarp during the middle of the day. Bring water because all that jumping is thirsty work and will have you sweating before you know it.

Sacrilege is in the Supreme Court Gardens daily until March 1 and is FREE. It is open 11am-7pm weekdays, 9am-7pm on weekends.


Jess xx


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