My Biggest Struggle

What do you find the most challenging part of living a healthy lifestyle? Diet? Exercise? Resisting temptation? Sticking it out? Motivation?

The biggest challenge for me comes down to food! I don’t know what it is, but staying on track with my diet is my number 1 downfall.

For me, the exercise part is easy! If you haven’t cottoned on to it already, I love working out. Going to the gym is quite literally the highlight of my day. Honestly, I don’t feel ‘me’ if I don’t exercise. So it’s safe to say, I don’t struggle with that bit. But, diet on the other hand…


And look, it’s not that I eat unhealthy. In fact, I generally eat really well. I don’t eat sugar or foods high in saturated fat. I avoid bread, gluten or anything with refined white flour because my body doesn’t react well to that stuff. I also don’t eat dairy for the same reason. And fast food, I don’t even remember the last time I consumed that crap (I’m talking years)! So it’s not that I’m making unhealthy food choices, what I seem to battle with most, is portion control and stopping when I’m full.

I tend to eat too much. Although it’s mostly healthy stuff, even if I’m content, sometimes I will just keep eating or I’ll go back for more, because well, food just tastes so damn good. My biggest undoing; nuts! My god, those delicious little things are moorish! I could nom on them all day. Leave a packet of cashews or almonds or even better macadamia nuts in front of me and you can guarantee those babies will be all nibbled up upon your return. I honestly can’t stop myself… Well I probably could but it seems I am lacking that self-control lately. While, yes, nuts are rich in GOOD fats, protein and minerals like magnesium, too much of anything is never a great idea. Even good fats in excess, do damage.

I have weight to loose. I have body fat to loose. And I know that the reason I have excess fat covering my body all comes down to my diet. I know the importance of eating healthy, balanced and controlled meals. I know that you can’t out-train a bad diet. I know that my body responds well when I really knuckle down and focus on eating well and reducing my portion sizes. I know all these things, but I still struggle.


They say, abs are made in the kitchen. It’s 80% diet, 20% exercise. I 100% agree. I work my butt off in the gym, every day. I’m building muscle but sadly a lot of it is currently hiding under a layer of fat. I can feel the muscle but I can’t see it when it’s surrounded by cushioning. I really want to lean out so that the muscle I’ve been working so hard to build, is visible. The only way I am going to achieve this is through correct nutrition.

I’ve seen my body respond to the benefits of correct nutrition before. I fluctuate very easily (which can be good, but it’s mostly bad, because I
HAVE to be super strict to remain on track, none of these treats or cheat meals for me). From here on, it’s going to be all about portion-control, stopping myself from overeating, consuming food every 2-3 hours (to keep my metabolism going) and of course, holding back on the nuts!

Abs really are made in the kitchen. You would be so surprised the dramatic difference, just changing your food intake can make. Being lean comes from low body fat, and low body fat is acquired with good nutritional planning (in conjunction with the right types of exercise of course).

So it’s time to get strict! No more overindulging on nuts :p

Elo xx