Don’t Be a Hater, Be an Embracer

Happy Monday everybody!

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you instantly went to replace the word ‘happy’ in that sentence with some sort of profanity.

Let me guess, you can’t believe the weekend is over already. You don’t want to go back to work yet. You struggled to wake up to your alarm this morning. You are in no way, excited or ‘happy’ about this day.

Why does everyone hate Mondays? Call me crazy, but I love them!

Don’t hate today. Embrace today.


Monday to me means a fresh start. It’s not only a new day but also the beginning of a new week. And a new week, means new goals, new choices, new opportunities and a chance to be better, stronger, happier and healthier than you were the week before.

Think of Monday mornings as a blank canvas. Fresh and clean with no mistakes on it yet. It’s completely clear for you to paint exactly what it is heart desires. What will you create? Will you paint something beautiful – a masterpiece you are proud to share? Or will you make a complete mess of it and end up throwing your painting in the bin, just wishing you could pretend it never existed?

Paint yourself a masterpiece. Today is another chance for you to chase your goals. Did you have a few slip-ups last week you would rather forget? That’s ok. Do just that, forget about them. Last week has been and gone. Learn from those little mistakes and approach this new week with a positive outlook, knowing you will do great things and make better choices.

Make yourself proud this week. Use this beautiful Monday morning as a starting point. Plan ahead, schedule in your workouts, re-evaluate your goals and work hard to make them a reality.

Create a masterpiece.

Elo xx