Accepting Graciously


How do you accept a compliment? Do you:

a) say thank you

b) instantly repay the giver back with a compliment in return

c) dismiss it completely

Did you pick c? Most women will shut down a compliment before it has barely left the other persons lips. Someone says they love the jeans you are wearing and you respond by saying, “Oh no. The give me the worst muffin top.”


What good does that do?

What started out as a lovely gesture of kindness turns into an uncomfortable back and forth. “No they don’t. I think you look great”, they will say.

“Nah. When I finally get rid of this muffin top they will look better”,  you’ll reply.

Sigh. How exhausting for everyone involved.

Maybe it’s because the compliment makes you feel self-conscious. Or you just can’t see why someone would think those nice things about you. They must be exaggerating to be polite.

Ask yourself, why would you assume this? It most likely has far more to do with how you feel about yourself than what the compliment giver thinks.


You want to know what they actually think?

They think that you look nice in your jeans. That’s it. That’s why they told you so. Isn’t that nice of them?

You should believe them. Don’t second guess them or dismiss their comments. Use the moment to view yourself through somebody else’s eyes. You are probably being way too hard on yourself.

Take the compliment and feel good about it.

My favourite way to accept a compliment? With a smile and a “thank you so much. You just made my day!” It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s true.  There is no awkward rambling, unnecessary deflection or faux compliments given in return (of course, if you have something genuine to compliment them on, by all means go ahead – but don’t think you are fooling anyone with a “Oh thanks…your shoes are really cool” if you don’t really mean it.)

The honest truth is a compliment really will make my day. In fact, compliments are long remembered after they are received.

Be gracious when someone says nice things about you.

Accept compliments and accept that you deserve them.


Jess xx

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