Don’t Be So Quick to Judge

Sadly, judgement is part of life. We live in a pretty superficial society in which it is perfectly normal to form opinions on the people, things and situations we encounter on a daily basis.


I mean, the media in particular actually encourages us to be judgemental. Just think of reality shows such as X-factor or Big Brother, in which we, as the public are actually responsible for voting contestants in or out based on our opinions of them. Or what about the tabloid magazines with headlines such as ‘Stars without make-up’. Judgement!

Media aside, people judge, that’s just the way it is. Its natural, its normal and frankly, we don’t always have much control over the initial thoughts that pop into our heads about someone or something. It is part of human nature.

What we do have control over is how we choose to entertain these thoughts. Do we let them cultivate or do we shut them down?


We have to remember that every individual has a story, a story that has much more depth than what we, as outsiders, only see on the surface.

That overly grumpy customer who refuses to smile, may be battling to hold back tears after hearing some bad news. That teenage mum cradling a newborn baby, may not be a mum at all, but the baby’s sibling. That overweight person in your combat class may have spent months trying to build up the courage to step foot in a gym, in fear they would be ridiculed. That ‘crazy’ person pacing back and fourth on the train, while talking to themselves may actually suffer from a disability.

It’s the age old philosophy… ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’


We just don’t know what a person may be going through. We can never know the depths of a person’s situation simply by looking at them.  So, don’t be so quick to judge.

My little challenge to you, is to make the decision to be less judgemental, today and everyday from here on. Make the effort to shut down any judgmental thoughts that pop into your head. Think beyond what you see and take into account that behind every exterior is a story.

Be kind. Be loving. Be open-minded.

Elo xx

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