Outsmart Your Excuses

Punch those excuses in the face!

Punch those excuses in the face!

Are the reasons why you don’t want to workout exactly the same reasons why you should? We have all been there, in that unenthused mood, when you just CAN NOT BE BOTHERED. Your brain can come up with every reason under the sun as to why slothing on the couch is a far superior option to working out.

You see, it’s like this – your evil brain is trying to trick you.

Change up the conversations you are having with that devil brain. Next time that she-devil starts whispering excuses in your ear, use these comebacks to shut her down and set your mind right.

Excuse – You’re too tired to workout.

Comeback – I will feel more energised after some exercise.

Excuse – You’re too unfit to join in with that group fitness session.

Comeback – The best way to improve my fitness is to jump in and get involved. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Excuse – You have no fit friends to workout with.

Comeback – Well thats a shame. I wonder if there is some place I could go to meet a new group of people with a shared interest in health and fitness?

Excuse – You have health issues.

Comeback – Regular exercise can help improve a lot of health problems. I can work within my capabilities and still be proud of myself.

Excuse – You’re really too sluggish and bloated to be working out.

Comeback – Exercise will give my metabolism a boost and get my blood pumping. I won’t feel so uncomfortable after some activity. 

Excuse – You’re too grumpy to workout.

Comeback – Grumpy? A good ol’ fashioned hit of endorphins should fix that. 

I’ll bet your evil brain has tried to trick you with at least 1 or 2 of these excuses in the past. Now you have no reason to let her win. Make the choice to shut those excuses down and carry on anyway. You already know that exercise is important for mental and physical health, so don’t let your inner she-devil convince you otherwise.

Jess xx

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