Making the tough decisions

Every day we are faced with choices. Each choice we make can either help or hinder us in achieving our health and fitness goals. Some decisions may be big, while others may only be small but either way, all of them will impact on your future self.

Will you scoff down that chocolate bar for a snack or ditch it for a piece of fruit instead?

Are you going to opt for the escalator or climb the stairs?

Go to the gym after work or sit in front of the TV?

Do you really need to take a look at the dessert menu the waitress is offering you?


Escalator or stairs – which do you choose?

I have to be honest with you, it’s not always easy to make the ‘better’ choice (I know I would much prefer to eat that chocolate bar and I’m a massive sucker for a creme brulee), but you just have to think ‘is this really worth it?’

I always ask myself, ‘is this going to help me reach my long-term goals?’ ‘Will I regret this decision later?’ ‘What’s more important, temporary satisfaction or abs?’ Abs, definitely abs.

It is entirely up to YOU to decide which path you will take, which direction you will go, what choice you will make.  We are the only ones in control of our own actions, nobody else.

It’s important to remember, that each little choice we make, adds up to represent the bigger picture. Think beyond the NOW, and remind yourself what it is you really want, what will truly make you happy… in the long term.20140127-084132.jpg

So go on, make yourself proud!!! Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Choose wisely!

Elo xx

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